10 Of The Most Valuable Lost Treasures In The World That Man Is Yet To Find

4 The Crown Jewel of King John

Although the English crown jewels were always kept safe in the tower of London, King John had no such luck. While attempting to cross The Wash, a bay in Lincolnshire, he miscalculated the incoming high tide and lost his entire luggage including the Crown Jewels. The King himself died a few days later. Although the bay of Wash is very dangerous due to its high tides and muddy waters, treasure hunters keep trying their luck to find the crown jewels.


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3 Dutch Schult’z Stash

American mobster Arthur “Dutch” Flegenheimer created a vast fortune of nearly 20 million dollars a year through his various crimes and thefts. When hounded for tax evasion he packed his huge fortune in a metal box and buried it in Catskills! Dutch kept the location a secret intending to dig it out once he got out of jail. Unfortunately, he was gunned down by his rivals in a local eatery as soon he was released. His ill-gotten treasure is still unfound and buried somewhere in the vast wilderness of upstate New York.


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