10 Of The Most Valuable Lost Treasures In The World That Man Is Yet To Find

6 The Mahogany Ship

Among all the lost treasures this has to be the most peculiar one as this ship did not sink in the middle of any ocean but was lost in the harbor, beneath the sand dunes of Southwest Victoria, Australia. The Legendary ship was made of beautiful dark wood, believed to be mahogany, hence its name. It was originally sunk in 1522 as a part of some secret Portuguese naval mission to explore Australia but the wreckage wasn’t spotted till 1847. It was then forgotten and virtually erased from public memory. All recent accounts of its existence are all conjectural but the existence of the ship couldn’t be proven or disproven either.


Image Source: www.aasd.com.au

5 Victoria’s Parliamentary Mace

According to the British constitution the famous Victorian mace was the symbol of the office of the speaker as well as part of the public jewels for exhibition. It disappeared on October 9, 1891, and the chief suspect of theft was the Parliamentary engineer Thomas Jeffery as he was seen running from the building carrying a suspicious-looking package. The police also found tools in his home which matched the markings on the display case that had been forced open during the robbery. Yet due to lack of concrete evidence Thomas was never arrested. Though the mace in itself had low intrinsic value, the reward for its return was set at 50,000 pounds.


Image Source: www.parliament.qld.gov.au


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