10 Of The Most Valuable Lost Treasures In The World That Man Is Yet To Find

8 City of Paititi

Legend has it that the city of Paititi was an area where the ancient Incas hid all their jewels and gold from marauding Europeans. Due to its intended obscurity and difficult location, the city gradually became synonymous with the Lost City of El Dorado. Though explorers are still busy combing through the jungles of Peru to locate this enigmatic city, only time will reveal whether it really was El Dorado or a city in its own right.


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7 The Patiala Necklace

This exquisite necklace made by Cartier was a gift to the Maharaja Sir Bhupinder Singh. Besides being encrusted with precious gems, it was famous for its Burmese rubies and the centerpiece a 234.6 carat DeBeers diamond which was the world’s 7th largest diamond. The necklace disappeared in 1948 and was last worn by the son of the Maharaja himself (Maharaja Yadavindra Singh). It was recovered by a Cartier representative in London 50 years later but the most important jewels were all missing including the Burmese rubies and the DeBeers diamond. It was believed that the jewels were sold off by the Maharaja and his family members and would have been worth 20-30 million pounds today.


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