10 Of The Most Valuable Lost Treasures In The World That Man Is Yet To Find

War, plundering, looting and natural disasters have caused a humongous loss of priceless treasures and artifacts throughout history. In some rare cases, the treasures have been partially restored or but in most of the cases they have been lost forever. In modern times, quite a number of artifacts are secretly in possessions of the world’s elite and many of them have found their way into the black market. Here are 10 famous lost treasures that have disappeared over a period of time.


10 The Wright Brother’s Patent

The patent papers of Wilbur and Orville Wright describing the design of the first airplane in 1900 was kept in the national archives. It was stolen by an unknown crook and till 2003 no one even realized the patent was missing. The whereabouts of the patent will never be known until someone tries to auction off the hand-drawn designs.


Image Source: www.fineartamerica.com

9 Tanto Mei- Kunimitsu

According to the agency of cultural affairs in Japan, 109 valuable items have been marked as stolen or missing the possession of private collectors. Apart from several paintings and sculptures lost was a 13th century-old “Tanto Sword” signed “Kunimitsu. The sword became an item of high value when the owner died but the agency was not informed immediately for its safe custody. The whereabouts of this sword was thus lost forever.

Tanto Mei- Kunimitsu

Image Source: www.animalworld.com.ua


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