12 Little known facts of the Titanic that will amaze you

The sinking of the Titanic has always been one of Maritime history’s biggest mystery. Here are some interesting facts of the majestic but ill fated ship entwined with the iconic movie by James Cameron in 1997. Some of these unknown facts about the Titanic will truly leave you spellbound into wondering how such things were possible.


1 The movie TITANIC was more expensive than the ship itself!

Way back in 1012 the cost of the building this gigantic ship was roughly around $750000 and believe it or not it cost whopping $2000000 to make the movie in 1997! As according to the 2013 inflation rates in US goes this amount would sky rocket to somewhere around $176,482,575 and $290,289,096 respectively.

The movie TITANIC was more expensive than the ship itself!

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2 There was a titanic remake just after 29 days it sank!

Yes it’s true, Hollywood sure knows how to be make business after any disaster. They even cast a true titanic survivor for its lead role Dorothy Gibson who was one of the lucky but greatly traumatized survivors of the disaster. Unfortunately, she was way too affected by human carnage she witnessed, that she could not go ahead with it and refused the part. It was a silent movie and was optimistically called” saved from the Titanic” in which she was saved with 27 other survivors.

True titanic survivor

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3 A heroic priest stayed back in the sinking boat to hear the last confessions of the doomed!

Father Thomas Bailey refused life boat twice and remaining in the sinking ship giving last comfort and listening to confessions. He was a Rector at St Helen’s Roman Catholic Church in chipping ongar. He perished with 1500 other people while the ship met its doom.

Thomas Byles

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4 A Japanese survives doomed ship but called a COWARD for not perishing with other!

This is surely a strange story of all. Masabumi Hosano was one the lucky passengers who made it alive amidst the tragedy but instead if ecstasy over his survival he rather met harsh criticism for Not dying with his fellow passengers and selfishly making it out alive himself. Japanese people ostracized him for not going down with the ship.

A Japanese survives doomed ship but called a COWARD

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5 Titanic’s fourth funnel was a complete fake!

This fourth chimney was more like “dummy “exhaust which was used for kitchen exhaust, all in all it was just added for aesthetic purpose.

Titanic’s fourth funnel was a complete fake

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6 Ocean steward survived two sinking ships just to save her TOOTHBRUSH!

Talk about screwed priorities, Violet Constance Jessop actually fractured her skull while surviving Britannica and Titanic after that, just in pursuit of her darned toothbrush! She was sucked under the keel of Britannic and fractured her head and never realized anything serious until she suffered from chronic headaches.

Violet Constance Jessop

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7 The Flask happy friend with Rose and jack while sinking in the movie was a Real person!

The name was Chief baker Charles Joughin. He attributed alcohol which kept his body warm while submerged in icy water.

Chief baker Charles Joughin

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8 All it took was 2 hours and 40 minutes for the “unsinkable “to sink after the hit

The sad but unknown fact about the titanic was Even though the Titanic received six warnings of sea ice in 14th April 1912, the captain decided to fatally ignore them and sailed at the breakneck speed of which reduced its recovery time after the iceberg it dramatically. The iceberg hit at 23:40pm and the ship was completely under by 2:20 am.

Sinking Titanic

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9 Yes! Those brave heart musicians who sank while playing hymns were true!

This by far is the most emotional and tear inducing part of the while tragedy. This heartbreaking portrayal of young and talented musicians who had great years ahead showing of their talents were snuffed in their youth just to give company to the dying ones in the ship, going down with them too. It’s a shame that we still do not know much about their details.

brave heart musicians who sank while playing hymns In Titanic

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10 There was a 30 second DELAY in giving orders AFTER the ice bergs were spotted!

You can simply say this was the biggest human folly which could have changed the human history and saved SO MANY lives. The superiors in charge of the ship fatally waited for half a minute to change the course of the ship away from the bergs which after being warned.

ice bergs near Titanic

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11 The most expensive suites in RMS Titanic were worth 75,156 pounds in today’s money!

The rumors were true….journeying in Titanic was NOT for everyone nut for the true elites of America and Georgian England. The third class cars started from 75 POUNDS (626 pounds) and the first class suites went upto870 pounds (75,156 pounds today).

expensive suites in RMS Titanic

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12 It took 73 years for the wreckages to be discovered

Among the unknown facts of the Titanic, all the earlier attempts to find the doomed ship under the leadership of D. Michel Harris and Jack Grimm was a failure although; they were successful in mapping the area where it sank. Later, it was 1985, under the leadership of Dr Robert D Ballard (his second attempt), that the wreckage of this majestic ship was located.

It took 73 years for the wreckages to be discovered

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