‘Bond Girl’ Olga Kurylenko Has Joined The List Of Celebs Who Have The Coronavirus

The coronavirus or COVID-19 has been spreading like wildfire throughout the whole world. Many countries are now on lockdown to try to prevent the spread but to no avail as new confirmed cases keep popping up in every country. Now, even famous people cannot escape its grip with stars like Tom Hanks and Olga Kurylenko testing positive for the virus.


Here are some of the celebs who tested positive for the virus and told their fans about it on social media.

1The worst way to start a New Year

Since the start of the New Year, the whole world has been in the grip of the coronavirus. Within the first month, China was on lockdown with numerous reports of new patients popping up across the globe. It was called the new-age pandemic by the WHO and now three months after the start it still hasn’t slowed down.


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2No one is safe from the virus

Since the outbreak, many people have begun taking refuge inside their homes and not leaving even for work. There is pandemonium on the streets of every country with people stocking up supplies and staying quarantined in their own homes. This is an attempt to keep the diseases away from them and their families but nothing seems to be working.


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3A new name on the list

While we think that celebs are immune to such things as they have a plethora of security around them there have been many famous celebs who have tested positive for the virus. Actress Olga Kurylenko who is best known for being the ‘Bond girl’ in ‘Quantum of Solace’ recently confirmed she tested positive for the coronavirus. Below is a short video of celebrities who got infected with covid-19.


Famous People Who Have Tested Positive For Coronavirus

4What she said

She recently posted a picture to her Instagram saying that she was in lockdown as she tested positive for the coronavirus. She followed this by telling her fans that she was ill for a week now and was recently diagnosed with the virus. She urged her fans to take care of themselves as this was serious.

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5She even gave some advice

In another post by the actress, she said that she is eating garlic to boost her immune system. Since there is no cure for this virus people have to try to boost their immune systems themselves to keep the virus at bay. With 567,000 followers she took this opportunity to spread the message on how dangerous the virus really is.

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