Let’s celebrate some new holidays – ready to shake your head


These are some weird celebration days that were meant to raise awareness, money or simply to make people have fun. If you got bored by your holidays and old traditions, then these are some interesting suggestions for you. Maybe you feel like celebrating the Free Comic Book Day or the National No Pants Day; perhaps you feel like paying tribute to potatoes on Potatoes Awareness Day? That’s cool, because almost every day of the year is a holiday of something worth celebrating.

1 No Pants Day

Probably the king among holidays, do you agree? Celebrated on May 10th, started as a way for students to celebrate the end of term. And when you are in college anything that is named as No Pants Day will become popular and spread faster than Ebola. It’s now celebrated across the globe, and is being repackaged as the now-infamous Improve Everywhere stunt “No Pants Subway Ride.”

No Pants Day

Image Source: www.static.flickr.com


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