Let’s celebrate some new holidays – ready to shake your head

These are some weird celebration days that were meant to raise awareness, money or simply to make people have fun. If you got bored by your holidays and old traditions, then these are some interesting suggestions for you. Maybe you feel like celebrating the Free Comic Book Day or the National No Pants Day; perhaps you feel like paying tribute to potatoes on Potatoes Awareness Day? That’s cool, because almost every day of the year is a holiday of something worth celebrating.


1 No Pants Day

Probably the king among holidays, do you agree? Celebrated on May 10th, started as a way for students to celebrate the end of term. And when you are in college anything that is named as No Pants Day will become popular and spread faster than Ebola. It’s now celebrated across the globe, and is being repackaged as the now-infamous Improve Everywhere stunt “No Pants Subway Ride.”

No Pants Day

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2 National Tequila Day

July 24th is the National Tequila Day, so if you’re a fan of this Mexican drink, this is definitely your holiday. So gather your friends, pour some tequila, grab your salt and celebrate.

National Tequila Day

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3 National Yarn Bombing Day


Yarn bombing is 50% street art, 50% graffiti and 100% adorable. It’s impossible to look at a tree with tiny little yarn booties and not have your soul melted. Despite how cute it is, yarn bombing is technically illegal, so if you are going to celebrate it (on June 11th) be careful and for sure don’t brag about it.

National Yarn Bombing Day

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4 National Trivia Day

“Did you know that January 4th is National Trivia Day? Well now you know! If you are one of those people who know useless information about movies, books, festivals, holidays… This is the best day to tell them. Hey, it’s the way to celebrate it.

National Trivia Day

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5 National Doodle Day

Doodle Day is a day for people everywhere to unleash their inner kid, and make some money for charity. How? By doodling of course. We all do it, no matter how great artists we are.

National Doodle Day

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6 Potato Awareness Day

If tequila gets one day for celebration, potatoes get two (26th and 27th of January). What to do on these days? Well, you can “kill” a few potatoes, fry them, roast them, or simply make mashed potatoes.

Potato Awareness Day

Image Source: www.gone-ta-pott.com

7 National Junk Food Day

Days with things dedicated to them usually serve some sort of purpose, either to raise awareness, money or both. But, the National Junk Food Day, is only about celebrating all things that would cause you cholesterol and make you fat. Oh well… If you aren’t a fan of junk food you can let yourself indulge on July 21th. If you are a fan of junk food, well, this is something like your birthday.

National Junk Food Day

Image Source: www.centpapiers.com

8 Stress Awareness Day

Even though November the 7th is behind us, you better mark your calendar for the following year and celebrate the International Stress Awareness Day. And with millions of people suffering from stress and anxiety caused by their work, family, life problems, maybe we should all pay bigger attention to this day.

Stress Awareness Day

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9 Free Comic Book Day

Yes, comic books are still popular and people still read them. Proof for this is the Free Comic Book Day, celebrated every first Saturday in May. And even though it seemed like the entire comic industry was going to die in the ’90s, thanks to a whole bunch of comic book-related movies and TV shows lately, the business is in bloom again. The entire industry has become linked to the success of the movies based on them, which makes Free Comic Day, kind of ironical.

Free Comic Book Day

Image Source: www.colonielibrary.org

10 Race Your Mouse Against Your Icons Day

How is this even a day to celebrate?! Every August 28th, you should just race your mouse cursor around all the icons on your desktop. Remember how fun those 18 seconds were, before you realized that there are far better ways to play with yourself on a computer?

Race Your Mouse Against Your Icons Day

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