15 Lesser Known Facts That Could Be Potential Life Savers One Day

Can you tell if you’re about to be hit by lightning? Or there is a tsunami about to hit the beach? You can’t because you don’t know the signs. Yes, there are signs that nature itself gives us to warn us about the impending danger but we just don’t know how to read them.


Today we’ve collected some facts about the world and ourselves that may just save your life one day. These are facts that can save you from harm as well as certain death. There are many things we need to learn to be on the safe side of life. So, let’s begin:

1Breaking the car glass during an accident

If you’re ever in a situation where you’re trapped inside your car after an accident and need to get out but the doors are jammed, you need to break the glass. What many people do is they kick the windscreen right in the center but this does not help. You need a strong lower body force to be able to break it. What you should do is hit the edges of the widows or the windshield with something heavy.


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2Have an aspirin during a heart attack

This is a tiny bit of advice that could easily save your life one day. If you are ever in a situation where someone around you is having a heart attack all you need to do is lie them down on a flat surface and ask them to chew on an aspirin tablet. The aspirin slows blood clotting which helps during a heart attack.


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3If you encounter a bear

Bears are big but they can also be very fast. This is something you really need to remember as you should never try to outrun a bear. But, being big gives them very less maneuverability. So, all you need to do is get a large object between you and the bear and keep moving around it. Soon, the animal will give up the chase and leave you alone.


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4Trying to save a drowning person

If you ever find yourself in a situation where you need to save a person from drowning you should get help or call 911 before trying to rescue them. The reason for this is because getting them to shore isn’t enough. You need to get the water out of their lungs which can only be done by a professional. Even a tiny amount of water in the lungs can cause death.


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5If you’re on thin ice

This is something that can happen to people who live in cold countries as well as to people who go to visit them. If you ever find yourself walking on ice that is too thin and you can hear cracking noises, get on your stomach. If you stand on thin ice, all your body weight is being focused in one tiny spot, your feet. On your stomach, the area your body is putting pressure on is expanded.


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6If you get strange smells at home

If you’re ever at home and you get some strange smell of something burning or just an odd smell in general, always investigate it. Don’t just let it be. This could be the smell of burning wires or some electric malfunction smell. This shouldn’t be neglected or avoided as it could lead to a fire and the best thing to do is shut off the electricity until it is found.


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7How to diagnose a heat stroke

The best way to tell if you’re experiencing a heat stroke is to notice if you’re feeling dizzy or nauseous. These are the best ways to diagnose a heat stroke. But, another simpler way is to eat something sweet. If you have something sweet like candy or just plain sugar and instead of tasting sweet it feels unpleasant, you’re having a heat stroke.


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8If you’re lost don’t move around too much

This is grey area advice, meaning it needs to be used when the situation calls for it. If you’re lost in an area you know a bit and can make your way back to civilization or safety you should try to. But if you’re lost in an area you do not know, you shouldn’t leave and wander around. You should stay close to where you got lost and try calling for help.

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9If the water is too far from the shoreline

We all love heading to the beach but tsunami doesn’t come with a warning. But, they do give us signs. If you’re at the shoreline and you notice that the water is too far away, you should get back home. This was well documented in the 2004 tsunami when the water was so far away from the shoreline that people were able to pick up the fishes and the shoreline was exposed.

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10Getting someone conscious

If you’re in a situation where someone falls unconscious and you need to bring them back to consciousness, you can do it easily. You need to lay them down on a flat surface, the floor would be perfect. Next, you need to take their feet and push their knees to their chest. This will help increase the blood flow and will wake them up.


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11To get out of a rip current

One important thing you need to know about rip currents is that they push you away from the shoreline. The best way to get out of them isn’t to try to swim to the shore but swim parallel to it. When you try to swim to the shore through a rip current, you’ll be tiring yourself out and nothing will happen. But, if you swim parallel to the shore you can get out of the current.

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12Don’t keep a bottle of water in your car

Yes, believe it or not, but a bottle of water on your dashboard can cause a fire. This happens because when a bottle of water is in direct sunlight it can act as a magnifying glass and focus the sunlight in one spot. This will heat up and start burning and if not stopped can cause a fire in your car. Never leave a bottle of water uncovered in your car.

Image source: www.hoax-slayer.net

13Do not suck a snake bite

Many people to this day believe that a snake bite should be sucked on to stop the poison from spreading inside the body but that should never be done as it does not work. What you need to do is cover the wound and if you can, apply heat or cold to it. You need to get the person to a hospital and you need to make them drink high amounts of water.


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<14/span>Know when lightning is about to strike

If you’re ever outside during a storm and you feel like it is about to start lightning you need to head for cover. Every year, around 60-70 Americans die due to lightning. If you’re on an elevated position like on top a building or a hill and you feel your hair standing you need to get to cover as that is a sign that lightning is about to strike.

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15The rule of 3

This is a very important rule you need to remember if you want to survive any situation. A human can survive 3 minutes without air, 3 hours in any extreme temperature be it cold or warm. They can go for 3 days without water and only 3 weeks without food. This will let you know how long you have if you are ever in a bad situation.

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