Interesting facts about Left Handed people that explains why they are different to others

Over the years there have been several articles and facts about left handed people. However many of them have been proved wrong. There is more to left handed people than you think. This list of facts about left handed people has been compiled from two different data sources to for an accurate conclusion about left handed people. So let’s see what exactly it is behind southpaws.

1 10% of the world’s population is left-handed

Left handedness is more common to men than women. According to a data model made by Professor Daniel M Abrams and Graduate mark J Panaggio of Northwestern University, lefties are low in percentage because of the battle of cooperation and competition in evolution. It was cooperation which was the more accepted social activity in humans who tended to move towards a particular trend and hence right handed people, whereas competition against such a trend to be the opposite caused 10%$ of humans to become left handed. Bill gates is left handed and so is president Obama.

world’s population of left-handed

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