Learn why this image of a Syrian father and daughter went viral


Parents do anything in order to provide for their children even if they have nothing in their pockets. They will steal, beg and will go anywhere to make life for their children.

But when you have to leave your own country due to war, uproot your whole life and then need to make a start from scratch, it becomes more doubly difficult for them to do so. Here is one such story of a man who was forced to flee from his home country of Syria.

1 The Backstory

The image shown here is of Abdul and his daughter Reem. Abdul is Palestinian man who lives with his 2 children in Yarmouk refugee camp in Syria. He is one of the 4 million registered refugees who have left Syria which has been torn apart due to war that it is fighting against the Islamic State group.


Abdul sued to work in a chocolate factory back in his native Syria, but now he tries to raise his 2 children buy selling pens on the streets of Beirut, Lebanon.

The Backstory

Image Source: www.akamaihd.net


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