Leader Of The Anti-Quarantine Protest Group Tests Positive For COVID-19

11She is still fighting against it

In a recent interview with a local news channel, she said that she was told by the government, law enforcement, and even by her doctors to stay at home and to not go to any public gathering or place. According to her, this is denying her from her 1st amendment right of religion.


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12She calls it discrimination

According to her, this is nothing but discrimination by certain employers. Public transport entities, local and state government, and places of public accommodation were all she named as the people responsible for this. According to her, this is oppression that people need to stand up against.

She calls it discrimination

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13She did have some points

During the interview, she mentioned that she had a firsthand experience at how the government and the hospitals are treating the patients and according to her it was disappointing. She said that the government claimed that they were tracing the people a positive tested patient has interacted with which as of yet has not happened to her.

She did have some points

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14A proper explanation for this

The only explanation as to why the government isn’t tracing these people is because of the pressure already on hospitals. They are overworked, understaffed, and running short on supplies. They do not have enough resources and people to conduct mass tracing of patient’s contacts to test if they have it as well.

Protest against lockdown

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15We’re in this together

Right now every country is under lockdown and people are suffering all across the globe from food and resources shortage. We cannot reopen any country anytime soon unless we want mass extinction. The government of every country is working on a plan to get their nations back on track. So, we as the people have to abide by their rules.

Leader Of The Anti-Quarantine Protest Group Tests Positive For COVID-19

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