Leader Of The Anti-Quarantine Protest Group Tests Positive For COVID-19

6They are doing it wrong

Right now in the heat of this unforgiving pandemic gathering in mass protest is the worst thing to do. This is like tossing fuel on the fire. You are giving the virus exactly what it wants, fresh new hosts. This type of mass gathering in a time like this is the exact reason why the government issued the lockdown in the first place.

They are doing it wrong

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7The virus is putting them in their place

Since she got the confirmation that she was positive with COVID-19 her radio station ‘WAFE’ has been giving regular updates of her situation. According to them she is heeding the required safety measures and taking good care of herself. The one who was against the quarantine is now under quarantine.

The virus is putting them in their place

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8These protests made headlines

With everything that is going on and the fear surrounding the coronavirus the last things people expect to see on their TVs is a whole group of people protesting the lockdown. Now we understand that people are losing their jobs but you also have to understand that being at home is the only reason you’re alive.

These protests made headlines

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9Small businesses are hanging on by a thread

Several small businesses that have come under fire thanks to this lockdown. They have bills to pay but are not making any money. While big companies, businesses, and brands have enough saved up and are also getting help from the government the same cannot be said about the little ones.

Small businesses are hanging on by a thread

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10These protests are bad

Even without their leader, these protests are still going on. Most recently the members gathered outside the Legislative building in Raleigh, N.C to protest. Media coverage gathered as the majority of the protesters were not wearing any masks or protective gear. This made headlines with many politicians, reporters, and medical experts condemning the behavior.

These protests are bad

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