12 Last-Minute Decisions That Changed World History Forever

Sometimes historic decision changes can not only change the history of the world but affect people for generations to come. Sometimes these changes are accidental with people completely unaware of the monumental change they have witnessed, other times these historical decisions are made intentionally by world leaders and men of power and in rare time it’s the common people who take huge steps to change the course of history. Most of the time these monumental decisions are taken after a long, debate and deliberations but many time decisions are taken in exigencies of situations and in haste which always casts long shadows into the future.


1Martin Luther king improvised ‘I have a dream’

The world-famous words which reverberated across the whole world for decades was not in the original speech of the reverend before his appearance on that fateful day in Lincoln memorial in 1963. In fact, he had a speech prepared already in which he foresaw a future of racial harmony which framed around his dream but never had the actual word “dream” in his speech.

It was an audience in the crowd who screamed and asked, “tells us about your dream” when he improvised and started speaking from his heart and not from the speech prepared and the rest is history.


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2Teddy Roosevelt saved his own life by putting a thick speech in his breast pocket

Teddy Roosevelt the most dramatic president of the states who loved making a grand commotion in the world with his volatile speeches. He was progressive president running for second presidential election campaign in 1912. Before starting his speech, he absentmindedly folded up his 50-page speech in his breast pocket. Little did he know this small move would save his life in a couple of hours. While standing on the dais and giving his speech an assailant tried to assassinate him and shot him. The bullet went right to his breast pocket and was slowed by the thick pile of paper folded in it. Though the bullet did penetrate his body, it wasn’t fatal. He got up and finished his groundbreaking speech.


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3Buddy Holly’s desire to do laundry changed rock history

Buddy holly’s decision to change his and his mate’s laundry fast before his next performance ended up in a tragedy in 3rdfeb 1959 “which is called the “day the music died”. He charted a private plane instead of taking a train to Minnesota, with his fellow musicians Ritchi Valens and JP Richardson which crashed in Iowa killing all of them. This rash desire to have a bunch of clean clothes by Holly proved to be the biggest loss to music as whole.


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4A last-minute officer change doomed the titanic

The sinking of Titanic is etched in public memory as the greatest human tragedy on water. The error of judgment by the ship’s top crew was the change of the officer in the last minutes before the voyage which proved fatal for the vessel.


The second officer David Blair was removed from the crew just before the ship set sail and he forgot to hand over the keys to a locker which had a set of binoculars for the lookout. By the time he realised his folly, the ship had already sailed and therefore the ship’s lookout had to makedo without binoculars and spot icebergs with their naked eyes in the night which proved to be a disaster for all.

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