This is weird!! Kurt Cobain actually predicted Donald Trump as President a year before his death.

Almost every lover of Rock will know who Kurt Cobain was. The eccentric leader and vocalist of legendary band Nirvana who pumped heavy metal rock to new heights with his billboard busting album Nevermind was one of the biggest symbols of rock in the 1990’s. But as crazy as it sounds, Kurt Cobain predicted Donald trump for the presidency and boy did he hit the nail on the head.

His music created history by making Nirvana the biggest selling rock band of all time. What most people don’t know about Kurt Cobain was that he suffered from chronic bronchitis and a mysterious stomach ailment that ultimately led him to becoming dependent on drugs like heroin and marijuana.

1 Kurt Cobain Prediction Is Not Off the Mark

Kurt Cobain’s genre of rock may have voiced a sense of depression and loathing for self and society but you’ll be surprised to know that certain things he said made infinite sense and one of them was a prediction that America was heading for change in its choice of a president such as men like Donald trump. That’s right, Kurt Cobain predicted Donald trump may become the next US president.

Kurt Cobain Prediction

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