Know the New Year Resolution for Your Zodiac Sign


Every year brings with it new hopes and promises. As the New Year unfurls, we all make resolutions that help us improve our life and fate. Our stars and zodiac signs decide our life and future. Each zodiac sign has different challenges and you can get rid of these hurdles only by making the right New Year resolution. Here are 12 New Year Resolutions for each of the 12 Zodiac signs. If you abide by these, your life will surely change drastically.

1 Aquarius

The most attractive feature of an Aquarian is his or her quirkiness. It is surely a quality that is appreciated greatly by friends and loved ones but there is no harm in surprising people around you. This time you must go for the traditional style and trend. People around you are sure to be pleasantly surprised. You can fall in love all over again. It is time to develop a new skill or spend time on a new hobby. Bring out the creative best in yourself.


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2 Pisces

Pisceans are sociable people and they need to get out of their comfort zone. It is time to go for a trip and you need to plan it all by yourself in 2016. Be your supportive best and help people around who need your help and support.


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3 Aries

Arians need to focus on projects they have started. You need to vow to complete the project you have taken up. Promise yourself not to start a new project before you complete the one in your hand. This is a sure key to success. Try your hand at meditation to improve your focus and calm yourself.


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4 Taurus

A Taurus person may find it really difficult to break some of his negative habits. Now is the time to resolve that in New Year 2016 you will not be held by such negative habits. Get rid of the routine and try something unique this year to divert your mind.


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5 Gemini

Patience has never been a prominent trait among Gemini. Yet, it is time you become a little patient so that you are able to succeed in areas where your bouncy approach has held you back. Gemini people are always on their toes and this approach always makes them some of the routine things that are vital. It is good if you take out some time to make a note of the important things.


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6 Cancer

People who belong to the Cancer Zodiac sign love their routine and their security. But it is time to get out of your comfort zone and try out something new. People belonging to this zodiac are sincere with their feelings but barely know how to express. You must take time to express your emotions through actions and words to your loved ones.


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7 Leo

Being fun lovers and great at social circles, it is time you resolve to plan more events and get together and stick to them. Get out of your comfort zone and do something unusual. Delve deeper in your relationships.


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8 Virgo

Virgos need to cool down and stop being critical about people around. You may enjoy sticking to your routine but now it is time to get out of the comfort zone and do something exciting.


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9 Libra

The year 2016 can go well for Librans if they make decisions and stick to them. While you may be patient and levelheaded, it is time you stop investing all your effort on friendships that mostly receive from you but seldom give you anything. Be firm and life can be really stable for you.


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10 Scorpio

You need to resolve to share your greatest secrets with your loved ones this year. Be more transparent and the life of Scorpions can be much better.


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11 Sagittarius

Have a plan to attain your goals and life can be much better for you in 2016. You have lofty goals but it is in plans and strategies that you lag behind.


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12 Capricorn

Money may be your priority but your relations should also matter equally. Take time out with your near and dear ones and try to strengthen your relationships. This resolution can take you a long way in 2016.


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