Know how the exceeded levels of CO2 emission will affect you and the whole world


Humans have always taken undue advantage of whatever nature has given us and for the first time in our existence, the levels of CO2 emission have exceeded the safe limits.

The long term effects of this CO2 emission will be something hard to fathom, but some of the effects are already being seen worldwide and majority of countries recently came together in order to start a collective effort in order to stop and control the pollution and climate change that is happening at a very rapid rate.

Here is more information on the unfortunate event that happened for the first time in human history.


1 Exceeded CO2 levels

On November 11, something happened for the very first time the history of mankind. The Carbon dioxide levels in our climate officially exceeded the safe limits for the first time in mankind’s history on this planet.

The last time this thing happened was way back when humans had not evolved and there used to be sharks the size of a full grown whale in the oceans. The water level in the sea was more than 100 feet higher than they are today and the global temperature on the surface of the Earth was 11 degree Fahrenheit warmer than today.

The CO2 levels are at 400 parts per million as of today, the highest concentration in human history.

Exceeded CO2 levels

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