Kid jumps off bike and gets lost but cops do an awesome job


Parents should always be more careful of their children, especially when travelling by a personal ride such as a cycle or a motorbike. Sometimes you hear of kids being left in a car and forgotten or even being left behind in a public taxi where neither the driver nor the parent even realizes that the child has been left there in the back seat. A very real incident happened in China recently.

China is a vast country where weird incidents crop up almost every day. How many times have you ever experienced being left behind by an auto which has stopped to let off a passenger requiring you to get out too? In a weird incident on a Chinese road in Shanghai province, presumably in a suburban area, a mother riding on a bike didn’t even realize her little child jumped off the bike. It was extremely weird seeing her speeding away. Read on to see what happened?

1 The Mother Stops Her Cycle At a Traffic Intersection

From this screenshot you can easily see that a mother is riding a bike with the little child seated at the back. Even though road traffic seems a bare minimum, it seems that the mother may not have been focusing very well and might have been deep in thought. Just watch what happens next.

The Mother Stops Her Cycle In a Traffic Intersectio

The Mother Stops Her Cycle In a Traffic Intersectio

2 Watch What the Girl Does Next

While waiting at a traffic intersection, the little child jumps off the bike for no apparent reason. The mother is oblivious of this fact and she speeds away as soon as the traffic light goes green. The little girl is left there not knowing what to do. Imagine the terrifying situation of knowing your mother is speeding away in front of your eyes.

Somehow it’s a weird situation where the girl might have been in shock and that’s precisely why she may not have shouted out. Who knows, her cries for help to her mother might have been drowned out by the passing vehicles.

child jumping off bike

Child jumping off bike

3 Child in Fear Runs Across the Road

The child in fear actually runs across the street in a bid to catch her mother but it would obviously seem impossible for her little legs to catch up. What was she to do? The poor kid must have summed up a lot of courage to dangerously run across the street like that even as vehicles whizzed past her. It was most fortunate that a local police officer found the girl, who narrated the whole incident and even the name of the village where she lived, the Officer located the area and reunited the girl with her mother who was frantic about the loss of her baby.

Child in Fear Runs Across the Road

Child in Fear Runs Across the Road

4 Watch the whole CCTV footage of the incident

There is a huge lesson of safety to be learnt from this incident. Parents should always concentration children while travelling. When travelling by vehicle; be it a bike, a cycle or a car, always keep your kid strapped to the vehicle to avoid the child jumping off the bike.

Watch the entire video to see the actual incident which was captured on camera from CCTV footage.


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