Juice Company dumps thousands of tons of Orange Peels in Deforested area; After 16 years, this is what it looks like now

Even as we speak of global warming and the apathy of governments or populations to protect the environment, there are several conservationists working selflessly to rejuvenate the Earth. One such couple is Daniel Janzen and Winnie Hallwachs.

In 1997 two ecologists from the University of Pennsylvania, Daniel Janzen and Winnie Hallwachs hit upon an incredible idea that would lead to the conservation of forest land on a massive scale and they did it with just orange peels and with the help of a local orange juice company called Del Oro in Costa Rica. It would take just orange peels to grow an ecosystem as you will find as you read on.

The ecologists approached the orange juice company with the offer of donating a small piece of deforested land to the Era de Conservacion, Guanacaste in Costa Rica. In return they would be allowed to dump all their orange peel waste for free. The Company readily agreed.

The ecologists approached the orange juice company

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1Costa Rica is a leading nation in environmental conservation

Costa Rica is a small country which does not even have a standing army. However, Costa Rica deserves world recognition because, since the eighties, it has been a model country and leader in environmental preservation. It is insanely beautiful and is known for its biodiversity. The Federal government protects 25% of the country and money is poured into its various conservation schemes that have created thousands of jobs for its population.

Costa Ricans are extremely proud of their status as one of the greenest countries on earth. The country spares no effort in maintaining the beautiful eco-system and is extremely proud of it. Costa Rica is full of pristine and beautiful beaches lined thick with vegetation like the one below.

Costa Rica beach

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2 12,000 metric tons of orange peel dumped a year later

Just a year later, the company dumped 12,000 metric tons of orange waste brought by thousands of trucks who drove to the site. The waste consisted of sticky orange compost and orange peels. Unfortunately, the dumping was shut down by the Supreme Court because of legal public action was taken by a rival company Tico Fruit. They argued it was unhygienic and attracted flies. The orange peels remained and were forgotten about.

For more than 10 years the land remained in obscurity without any public intervention as the issue wasn’t discussed anymore. But then after 16 years, Janzen sent another student Timothy Treur to check out the spot. He also asked him to find the yellow sign he had put up as a marking.

orange peel dumped a year later

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