15 Jobs Too Weird That You Won’t Believe Them To Be True

The older generations used to have only 3-4 career options to choose from while the youngsters of today have lots of choices to make from; in fact some of them are so weird that it is difficult to even believe that such a job really exists. Earlier, the mentality of people was to do a job so that they can earn money but nowadays youngsters prefer a job which gives them mental satisfaction and it is not always about the money.


However, today we are going to tell you about 15 strange jobs about which you may not have heard off earlier but the earnings is said to be quite handsome: so:

1Professional Armpit Sniffer

The professional armpit sniffers are hired by the deodorant companies as they need to check whether their product is as effective as they are promising it to be. An armpit sniffer spends his regular day in a hot room, smelling or sniffing around 50-60 armpits  in order to check whether the deodorant is able to control the stinking sweaty smell or not.

Image Source: thebuzztube.com

2Professional cuddler

The job of a professional cuddler is to cuddle with the client and provide him with a soothing and relaxing experience. One thing that needs to be clearly understood in this context is that it is absolutely platonic and there is no chance of it crossing the limits.

Image Source: ytimg.com

3Rent a boyfriend

Many girls go into depression after seeing that all their friends have boyfriends and they are the only ones who are single. To help such girls, a service called as “Rent a boyfriend” is being carried out in which they can rent a boyfriend for a specific period as their requirement. Earlier, this service was carried out in Japan only but last year an app related to it was launched in India as well.

Image Source: goodmomusic.net

4Get paid to stand in line

Many times, you have to stand in long lines for getting some work done, but if you don’t have time, you can hire one of those freelancers who stand in line for others in exchange of a certain amount of money. Sounds strange, but it is a real job and many people are earning part-time with this hustle.

Image Source: www.keepingupwithk.com

5Professional pet food checker

If you have always been thinking how your pet’s food taste and how it is declared ok for pet consumption, then let us tell you that there are professional pet food checkers who chew the food before it is certified suitable for pets. If you don’t mind tasting your pet’s food, you can also become a pet food checker.

Image Source: www.careermatch.com

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