Jobs that were “Born” in the 21st century


We bet, about two decades ago none of us actually thought that new professions would ever occur. Like, what else the humanity would need, right? Have you heard that people are actually paid to watch television shows and movies on Netflix? How about that you can give your toddler to an air nanny while you are taking a flight in the same plane? Take a look at some weirdly interesting jobs that took birth in the 21st century.

1 Netflix Watcher

Sounds like a dream job right? So, what do these people do? Once they get the job of a Tagger at the Netflix media company, they go to work early every day and watch movies and television series before they are made available to customers. So not only you will be able to see things in advance, but all you have to do is sit down and watch. The only thing that is not so fun is that you aren’t the one who will decide what to watch. Netflix does that for you. You watch what they give you and you can’t really say what your favorite shows or movies are. The main thing that Netflix Watchers are doing is “tagging” the movies and television programs by assigning them to a genre. So, a regular watcher gets to “work” on watching cartoons, children programs, and concerts or horror films, documentaries, latest action and drama and so on. Taggers rate every movie according to guidelines and also explain the genre, but they don’t get to rate the program or the movie as good or bad. Most people who work as Taggers consider this as a part-time job running from a few hours a week up to twenty. If this isn’t the ideal part-time job, we don’t know what it is? Also, do they get free pop corn at work?

Netflix Watcher

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