Japan’s Copper Fiber Mask Can Kill COVID-19 Virus Particles In Just 4 Hours

11Will this be available to the public?

This is what the collaboration is hoping for. They need to run some more tests before beginning to sell these to the public. The university and creative team are hoping it goes as planned and they can begin mass-producing these before the situation gets any worse. The current worldwide official cases have reached over 7 million.

Crowd wearing masks

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12A rise in copper-based products

Since the outbreak, many companies have been pushing copper-based products. The products are meant to prevent the user from interacting with certain surfaces and all of the products are made from copper. This is a good move although not entirely practical. Some examples of these products are listed below.

rise in copper-based products

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13They are basically key rings

Many of these products can be attached to key rings and are made from a solid block of copper. They are meant to be used to open doors, press buttons, open cans, or bottles. This prevents the user from touching these surfaces and since the product is made from copper it kills the bacteria, germs, or viruses present on it.

They are basically key rings

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14It is ancient knowledge

This is ancient knowledge that for thousands of years people knew about. Ancient people have known of copper’s disinfectant powers. The first-ever recorded use of copper as an infection-killing agent was found in Smith’s Papyrus which is the oldest-known medical document in history. Even in 1,600 B.C there has been recorded use of copper to treat heart and stomach pains.

It is ancient knowledge

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15The old ways are helping a new generation

This was something that was ancient knowledge but today thanks to science and medicine modern scientists have been able to confirm it. Using copper fiber in masks and other protective gear can be our last chance to slow down the spread and give us a fighting chance against this deadly disease until a cure is found.

Copper vessels

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