Japan’s Copper Fiber Mask Can Kill COVID-19 Virus Particles In Just 4 Hours

6These are not safe

According to the WHO, the COVID-19 particles can stay alive on plastic and cloth surfaces for a long period of time. Most people today have to wash their masks and use disposable or reusable gloves to keep themselves safe. A mask made from copper fiber does not need to be cleaned as it will kill any bacteria or germ within a few hours.

These are not safe

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7The findings of the NIH

The NIH or National Institute of Health had recently given a report saying that the coronavirus can survive on most surfaces for 1-2 days. But, according to them, it can only survive up to 4 hours on the surface of copper. This is why they have developed a copper fiber sheet that can be used on masks and in gloves to make them a better source of protection.

The findings of the NIH

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8This could be a game-changer

If this product works and is useful in stopping the spread of the coronavirus then it could be the game-changer we are looking for until a cure is found. This could significantly bring down the rising number and if used in more protective give, it could give the doctors and medical workers a better fighting chance.

This could be a game-changer

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9How does it work?

The copper sheet has a semi-permanent sterilization effect on any germ, virus, or bacteria that comes in contact with it. This means that it causes virus particles to become inactive, meaning they lose their ability to cause infections. This makes it completely harmless to the human body.

How copper kills bacteria

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10These masks will have to be cleaned

These masks will be able to kill viruses and germ particles that come in contact with it but at the same time, you will have to clean them. This will make the masks safer to use. The copper fiber isn’t there to make your lives easier it is there to make these masks safer to use but you still have to clean them after wearing.

These masks will have to be cleaned

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