Japanese Life Rules That Foreigners Do Not Understand

Japan is the ‘land of the rising sun’; a country rich in culture, traditions, and history. People of Japan take their traditions very seriously and are strict with their culture. There are many things about the Japanese culture and traditions that we as foreigners understand.


But, there are certain ways and habits that we find strange. Today, we’ve gathered a few traditions that only Japanese people understand and we as foreigners will find unique and strange.

1The Japanese won’t invite you for a meal

This is a tradition that is no longer followed by most new generation Japanese people but the older generation still believes in it. When they want to have a meal with friends they always go outside and eat in a public environment. They don’t like to break the sanctity of their personal space at home.


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2They do not fire people

This is something that we hope other countries don’t adopt and start doing. In Japan when a company has no more use for a certain employee, they do not fire them. They keep them but increase their workload or make them the leader in a project that is way too hard for them to handle. They break under the pressure and quit themselves.


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3There is no overtime pay

There have been many cases where people often pull the task they’ve been given and call it overtime work. Companies are usually required to pay employees if they do this. But, in Japan, this overtime pay does not exist. This means that there is no real reason for employees to stretch out their tasks. They don’t get anything in the end.


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4Japanese women don’t dye their hair

The current hair trend in Japan is natural dark hair. There was a time not too long ago when women used to dye their hair brown or have frosted tips. There are even laws now in Japan where school and college children cannot dye their hair. If the authorities do not believe you haven’t dyed your hair you have to show photographic evidence of it.


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5Japanese eat KFC during Christmas

In keeping up with the tradition of having a chicken dinner during the Christmas season, most Japanese families end up at KFC during the Christmas season. These fast-food chains are often closed in many parts of the world during this time. But, in Japan, they see some of their highest sales during this time of the year.


Image Source: vietravelasia.com


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