Japanese company has come up with an Incredible Invention – The Floating Bonsai trees!

If you have loved bonsai’s then you would definitely have kept up with the all the news related to this gardening culture and the latest news is that of the floating bonsai that has been invented by the Japanese tech company Hosinchu. Incredible but true, the news of these floating bonsai trees have been spreading like wildfire all over the Internet on various websites. Here we are going to provide an insight on the beautiful invention of these floating bonsai trees. Be ready to be amazed!


1 The story of the floating tree

The story of the floating tree

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A tech company in Japan called Hoshinchu, which is a rather small company comparatively, developed the plant and their invention has managed to create a buzz already. They have released a video where the bonsai is observed to be floating and rotating about 2cm above the pot on its own. Though it is a complete technological invention the bonsai needs to be watered and maintained like any other conventional bonsai.



2 Bonsais and their purposes

Bonsai are cultured small plants, which are actually miniature versions of the larger trees, and they are made by restricting the growth of the plant. The process of developing a bonsai is complex and requires practice.One can develop bonsais out of any kind of large tree- fruit bearing or non-fruit bearing.


The main purpose of bonsais is decorative. They are majorly created for smaller gardens and often particularly for indoor gardens where you wish to keep larger trees of exquisite varieties within your home for aesthetic purposes.

Bonsais and their purposes

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3 The technology behind floating bonsais

The beauty of the floating bonsai is unique. The trees float against gravity, which are indeed a wonder and a new thing. The entire look of the floating bonsai trees is something new and if you place the floating bonsais strategically then you can easily maintain the floating bonsai for your home garden. The Air Bonsai, as it is being called has two components. The pot is a beautiful ‘energy base’, which has magnets in it. And the plant is put up in a piece of moss which has it’s own magnets and a special foam in which any bonsai tree can be transplanted. This floating beauty has been named ‘little star’, and we are sure everybody would love to have a ‘little star’ shining and rotating and floating in their home gardens. But, there can be a limitation as the Air Bonsai needs power to function and the plant has to be kept within the range of a power source.

The technology behind floating bonsais

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The Air bonsai is an entire kit and it does not come for cheap. You can easily purchase your bonsai however it should be noted that importing bonsai from Japan is illegal and hence the purchasers would receive the bonsai from their own country. Additionally they would get the floating kit along with instructions that would guide them with the setting up of the floating bonsai.

The Air bonsai

Image Source: www.epicstream.com


Currently one bonsai along with the floating kit comes for $200 and above and you would receive the shipment not before August 2016 even if you place your pre-order now. But, don’t you think the floating bonsai trees are actually worth the wait?

The popularity of the invention has resulted in high demand and hence placing the order is not very easy either. So, if you want this exquisite floating tree in your house, you better hurry up!


4 Maintaining the floating bonsai

There is not much hassle in maintaining the bonsai and you have to regularly water it like other plants but care has to be taken as the energy base will be connected to a power source. The climate does matter for the plant depending on your choice of bonsai. However ensuring that the bonsai is healthy and sound would mean taking more care than just watering it since it is after all a plant even if it floats.

Maintaining the floating bonsai

Image Source: www.amebame.com


It can be said that the floating bonsai is a new breakthrough in the use of magnetism and they have a charm and beauty of their own which make them potentially a very popular option for unique home decor. On the downside the price of a single bonsai is way too high and hence can pose some hindrance to prospective buyers. But in all, the floating bonsai is a perfect choice for giving your home a perfect touch of uniqueness.


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