17 Items We Unknowingly Carry On Using Even After Their Unwritten Expiry Date

We are always storing things at home such as those in our pantry, kitchen and toilets without even realizing that they may be expired. Another example would be people keeping their mattresses for longer than they should. According to bestmattress-reviews, a good mattress is a good investment for our overall health and wellbeing. Keeping your mattress for 8-10 years is recommended. Some people even have items kept for years simply because there is no mention of an expiry date but surprising as it seems, many of these items do. Within a few years they lose their qualities and strength or performance but yet you are oblivious of it and keep on using it all the same. Many of these items may seem as if they will last an eternity but frankly they don’t. Here is a list of 17 household items and some will surprise you which actually have an expiration date after which they may not be safe to use. This means, that the information here is quite valuable in case you never knew.


1Hydrogen peroxide — 2 months

Every home will have hydrogen peroxide in their kitchen or medicine cabinet. It has many uses but what many don’t know is that it usually loses its strength after 2 months or so. If you purchase a sealed one, that usually expires after one year.

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2Spices — 2 years

Spices aren’t supposed to be kept for so long in your kitchen; they lose their strength after two years and will just be colored dust. This is why never purchase a huge batch at a time, instead purchase smaller amounts.

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3Sports shoes — 250 miles or 6 months

Sadly if you thought you are going to keep your favorite sneakers forever then might as well keep it in a cardboard box as a memory because sports shoes also expire. You may have not known this but sports shoes have a shock absorption system. This including the soles and backs wear out eventually after 6 months or so with regular usage.

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4Tea bags — 6 months

No tea bag will taste the same after six months. It will lose its flavor and be unsuitable for drinking after six months because tea leaves can also start to ferment. This could be because of moisture so you should be careful.

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