Is your birth month responsible for your health vulnerabilities?

Horoscopes and Astrology have long been an obsession for people who are curious to know what the date and time of their birth has to do with their personality. What our birth months tell about us may actually have a lot of scientific implications with scientific reason and logic behind it than we may imagine. For example, children born in the fall quarter of the year are more susceptible to diseases like flu. That’s just the tip of the iceberg.

1 What do they know?

The scientists behind this revelation also revealed that none of these claims are unsubstantiated; there is solid scientific reasoning backing the claims. These scientists took the effort to mine thousands of electronic health records to deduce that the time of the year a person was born does have a say in which diseases, the person in question, would have a lifetime proclivity towards. The electronic health data used for the research belonged to 1,749,000 individuals born between the years 1900 and 2000. The data was obtained from the Columbia University Medical Center. They did not stop at that, they also factored in the conditions the individuals were born in and correlated the data with another 1,000 individuals born in more or less the same conditions. Factoring this into the equation refined the results of the research and added weight to the claim that these conditions could go on to define the history of the person’s health.

What do they know

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