Is the Canine-Human bond really a better love story than Twilight? Brain Scans reveal interesting new results!


‘A dog is an animal capable of loving you more than he even loves himself’, said almost every dog person ever. But, can you be entirely sure that what your dog feels is love? I mean, he doesn’t talk so can you assume that he loves you?

Recently scientists performed a few brain scans on dogs to get to the bottom of this and discover whether it’s the truth or just a myth. Read on to find out about the results.

1 The dog-human love story

The human-canine bond is a mutually beneficial and very dynamic relationship, that has been studied and analyzed by psychologists, anthropologists etc. Humans and dogs have been sharing a wonderful bond since time immemorial. Humans provide dogs with food, shelter, warmth and care and in return, dogs prove to be excellent companions for humans, providing security and also bringing joy into the human being’s life.


Dogs are probably the most common and actually the favorite pet to be owned all around the world. In fact, calling them as ‘pets’ sounds like we’re distancing them too much, and most dog lovers prefer to refer to them as family.

Dogs warm up to humans like no other, and can have such an impact on a human and his life. This relationship dates back to over 30,000 years ago, and is still going strong.

The dog-human love story

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We absolutely adore our dogs, no questions asked. Also, from the way dogs wag their tails at us, snuggle up in our laps and lick our faces, we tend to assume that they’re reciprocating the feelings. But what better way to prove this than science!


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