Irony of wealth where 62 Richest people possess the same wealth as 3.5 billion of the poorest!


We all live in a society where inequality and disparity between distinctive human beings is a common phenomenon. One of the most simple reason for this is that we are not born in equal economic conditions. Secondly, people have unequal skill sets and abilities. Equality in one way or the other is a figment of imagination. One can’t run like a professional athlete, paint like a famous painter or sing like legendary singers. World economy is in depths of the few wealthy top business people and political leaders only. It is a chilling reminder of imbalance between the different sections of the society.

According to a survey, top 1% of the earth’s population controls more wealth than the rest of the world. Power and privilege are one of the sole reasons of increased gap between the richest people and the rest. Here are few of the reasons behind this irony of wealth where 62 richest people have the same wealth as 3.5 billion poorest!

1 Rich people getting richer

The economic imbalance and wealth gap is getting widened at an alarming rate than anticipated. Poor people are often poor because the organization system and environment around them, which does not let them grow. Even the system is tough on them. Rich people are richer because of the accident of birth or by concerned endeavors as well. By special knowledge and resources, they are able to overcome the shortcomings of the systems. It lets them work more efficiently and profitably.


Making a fool proof organizational system with fewer roadblocks and hurdles for the common men is the only way to check such imbalance. It includes more investment in infrastructure, workplace equality, rural innovations, sustainable growth and social structure etc.

Rich people getting richer

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