11 iPhone Tricks that Apple doesn’t want you to know

The first iPhone came out in the year 2007 and since then, it has set industry standards in innovation, design and has set a blueprint of what features, a mobile phone should have and how it can make lives of humans better. It has also become a status symbol in many countries, where they are sold at expensive prices and very few manage to own one.


But Apple, the company that brought out these phones, is also one of the most paranoid companies in the world. They have not released the full potential of your phone to you and some dedicated individuals have put in time and effort to bring to you these 11 tips and tricks that can make your simple iPhone, a more powerful device and you can use it for things other than talking, texting, clicking pictures etc. Here are those tips and tricks.

1 Hold the camera button down

iPhone has set industry standards for camera phones. Its camera is known for clicking some of the best pictures in every possible condition and was responsible for the advancement of mobile camera technology.


One tip that you must remember is that if you want to take the best pic from your camera, just press the camera button and hold on. This will take a series of shots and then you can pick the best pic from the series.

Hold the camera button down

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2 The UNDO function

We all make mistakes while typing on our phones. It can be during writing a text or writing a mail. Well, the next time when you make a mistake while typing, just press down on the typing pad and you will get the option to undo the last mistake.

The UNDO function

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3 iPhone in airplane mode

An iPhone is notorious for its battery life. The power it packs and the features it has, requires so much juice that it is almost impossible to get through a day without charging your phone one or two times. One way to charge your phone is to put it on airplane mode and then plug it in for charging. However you won’t be able to make or receive calls or text messages.

iPhone in airplane mode

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4 Shake to UNDO

You might not know this, but there is another way of undoing any mistake while typing any mail, text or editing a photo, just shake your phone from one side to another side and it will undo the last mistake your made.

Shake to UNDO

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5 Ask SIRI to search Twitter

SIRI is the personal assistant that iPhone provides you, with its iOS. It is an AI program that helps you out with things and makes operating the phone easier, without even having to open the phone and touching it. You can also ask SIRI to search the web and Twitter for a particular account and its tweets. Just ask SIRI to open twitter and display tweets from your favorite account.

Ask SIRI to search Twitter

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6 How to add suffixes?

Need to add that suffix after entering the web URL in the safari browser? Just write down the web URL in the address bar and hold the ‘.’ Key and it will give you options of suffixes to put after the URL. Choose and let go of the button.

How to add suffixes?

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7 Volume buttons to take pictures

Your volume buttons on the phone do much more than lowering and increasing the volume of your phone and songs. When you are in the camera app, you can use these buttons to zoom in and zoom out and even take pictures by clicking on the volume buttons as well.

Volume buttons to take pictures

Image Source: www.wikimedia.org

8 Get creative and complex with pass codes

Normally, the iPhone requires a four digit pass code to secure the device. But you can get creative and set more complex pass codes by navigating to Settings>General>Passcode Lock. Here, turn off the four digit lock and a prompt will ask you to set a new pass code or password.

Get creative and complex with pass codes

Image Source: www.awesomeinventions.com

9 Instant numerical keyboard

It can become quite a hassle, if you have to type something containing numerous letters and numbers in combinations. To constantly switch from regular to numeric keyboard and vice versa can be a good headache. Instead, just hold onto the 123 key in the regular keypad and numbers will appear, you can slide onto the required numeral and that’s it.

Instant numerical keyboard

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10 Night time browsing

When you are addicted to using your phone even in the night time, kindly adjust the display to night mode to avoid disturbing others. Just go to settings>general>accessibility and turn on the inverted color options.

Night time browsing

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11 Portable laptop

Just attach your phone with any compatible Bluetooth enabled keyboard and you can turn your phone into a mini workstation. You can type at normal speed using the keyboard and use it to send mails, messages and it is extremely helpful for students, people who are constantly on the go and business minded people.

Portable laptop

Image Source: www.awesomeinventions.com


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