11 iPhone Tricks that Apple doesn’t want you to know

The first iPhone came out in the year 2007 and since then, it has set industry standards in innovation, design and has set a blueprint of what features, a mobile phone should have and how it can make lives of humans better. It has also become a status symbol in many countries, where they are sold at expensive prices and very few manage to own one.

But Apple, the company that brought out these phones, is also one of the most paranoid companies in the world. They have not released the full potential of your phone to you and some dedicated individuals have put in time and effort to bring to you these 11 tips and tricks that can make your simple iPhone, a more powerful device and you can use it for things other than talking, texting, clicking pictures etc. Here are those tips and tricks.

1 Hold the camera button down

iPhone has set industry standards for camera phones. Its camera is known for clicking some of the best pictures in every possible condition and was responsible for the advancement of mobile camera technology.

One tip that you must remember is that if you want to take the best pic from your camera, just press the camera button and hold on. This will take a series of shots and then you can pick the best pic from the series.

Hold the camera button down

Image Source: www.orangemajor.com

2 The UNDO function

We all make mistakes while typing on our phones. It can be during writing a text or writing a mail. Well, the next time when you make a mistake while typing, just press down on the typing pad and you will get the option to undo the last mistake.

The UNDO function

Image Source: www.rememes.com

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