iPhone tricks for medical emergencies that could save your life

What good is technology when you don’t know how to use it? Take your iPhone for instance. Do you know how powerful this little gadget is where in certain circumstances it could well save your life?


Your iPhone is equipped with medical features that pack in a lot of information in relation to your health as well as providing you with guidelines and information to be used in a medical emergency. With data related to your blood groups and allergies, your iPhone has a lot of tricks up its sleeve to help you gain the most out of being an Apple user. Read on to find out the most important iPhone tricks for medical emergencies.

1 The iPhone’s Medical ID

It’s all about your iPhones Medical ID feature. This function can be a lifesaver in any medical crisis or emergency involving you or a relative. It enables you to access vital information to help paramedics obtain important information regarding your medical situation such as your blood group and whether you suffer from allergies. These can actually save your life if you’ve been involved in an accident. Devices that serve similar functions, like medical alert bracelet for men, are available and used to good effect amongst the more vulnerable and elderly in the population.


The medical id feature of your iphone is locked within the health App. You need to click on health app which will set up for you. After this you can access the options on the menu screen.

iPhone's Medical ID

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2 Your iphone Provides Several Options In Relation To Health

Once you have accessed the health app you will see several options relating to your health. The most important factor of this screen is your Medical ID. Click on the medical ID icon to open your medical data.

iphone Provides Several Options In Relation To Health

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3 Your Iphone Enables You to Store Vital Medical Information Related To You

Once you have accessed your medical data it will be displayed onscreen. In this mode you can also fill in various details related to your health and medical information about your present conditions if any. Various data includes blood type, allergies that you may suffer from, your spouse’s name and number, if you are an organ donor, and your weight and height. You can also add information such as a relative, sibling or parent’s number if you’re a minor or single.

Iphone Enables Medical Information

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4 Medication and Additional Information for Paramedic Knowledge

The medical ID feature also enables you to list medication that you may be taking. This is an extremely vital piece of information because if you’re in an accident, it is imperative for paramedics to know what type of medication you’re on as it could interfere with any drugs that they may administer you on the spot.

To Set Up This Feature In Your Iphone, Just Perform The Following Steps

Medication and Additional Informatio

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5 Home screen button ? emergency ? medical ID

It takes not more than a minute to set up and is accessed by a code generated by you so that no one else is privy to this personal information. All a paramedic needs to do is to get the pass code from you and he will gain access which can be a life saving situation if your condition happens to be critical. Such important iPhone tricks for medical emergencies should be made use of as you should always be prepared for any eventuality.

Home screen button

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