Inventors who got killed by their inventions

It is always said that “excess of anything is bad”. Sometimes when we are overpowered by our passions we tend to see what we want to see ignoring the realities or rather denying them. Scientific minds lead to great discoveries, but sometimes this comes at a price and that price is high when it is your life. Below are few of the inventors who were betrayed by their own inventions:

1 Franz Reichert-the Flying Tailor

An Australian born French tailor was possessed by the idea of creating a parachute which will allow a man to fall from the aircraft in case of an emergency without losing his life but who knew what the virtue was planning for this poor soul. He had success in his initial experiments which he carried from form the fifth floor of his apartment building with dummies but he was unable to imitate them with his successive designed parachutes.
He considered that perhaps the lack of proper flight due to a lower testing platform is the culprit behind his failed attempts. He repeatedly filed the petition to the Parisian Prefecture of Police to permit him for conducting a test from the top of the Eiffel tower. He finally got the permission but nobody imagined that this madness and possession with his believe will push him so far that he will perform the test with a living soul instead of a body. The living person was none other than himself. Despite all the attempts of dissuasion he jumped off the tower, the parachute never worked but his fate got the better of him and he died.

Franz Reichert-the Flying Tailor

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