World’s most inspiring people with disabilities who rose above their physical challenges

There are quite a number of people in this world who have had the misfortune of becoming physically challenged and disabled. Some have been born that way and some have been the victims of severe accidents, resulting in paralysis or loss of limbs. However, there are a few people, who have risen above such challenges and become success stories like no other. These are the inspirational few whose touching stories deserve a bow and a mark of respect from humankind. Here are eight inspiring people with disabilities.

8 Sudha Chandran

Sudha Chandra was an accomplished exponent of the Indian classical dance form known as Bharat Natyam right from the age of three. Misfortune struck her at a young age when she met with a bus accident in Trichy district of Kerala state in India. Although not injured severely, an ankle wound became infectious resulting in amputation of her right foot. But, that did not deter Sudha Chandran from following her dream of becoming India’s most famous classical dancer. Fitted with a wooden Jaipur foot, she practiced and persevered for three years till her disability did not even bother her. She went on to live her dream, winning several awards in the bargain.

Sudha Chandran

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