15 Crazy And Insane Toilet Designs That Will Blow Your Mind

6How do you even?

We’re not sure what the designers of this toilet were thinking but we’re sure it was not privacy. This is a mess of a design. How do people even use it, to begin with? We cannot imagine the horror on the face of a tourist visiting China and needs to use the loo really badly only to find this.


Image Source: chinatimes.com

7Do it by nature

This is by far one of the best looking toilets we’ve seen. Just look how well crafted it is. With all these trees and leaves around it feels like a place you need to experience. This will feel like a luxury in its own way and we hope many people get to experience this. This is located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.


Image Source: pistonclasico.com

8Rustic and old

This is the Trail Restroom in Austin, Texas. This is an incredibly designed public toilet that has a very unique look. It is made from steel but given a rustic, rusty look. This looks like something you would see in a grim futuristic TV show. This toilet really looks like a prop from some movie but is fully functional.


Image Source: .adsttc.com

9For music lovers

This is a really incredible and weird design for a toilet. Instead of going with the typical toilet or urinal design the people behind this used the design of a musical instrument. This tuba inspired toilet design is something we have never seen before and might never see anywhere else in the world.


Image Source: www.viraltrendzz.com

10In the middle of a desert

People may feel thirsty in deserts but they also feel like using the toilets and this is a gift for people stuck in the desert. Even in the barren wasteland, they have constructed toilets where people can relieve themselves as well as hide from the sun. No more doing your business in the sand and trying to cover it up.


Image Source: noconmisimpuestos.info


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