15 Crazy And Insane Toilet Designs That Will Blow Your Mind

We all know what a toilet is supposed to look like and what public toilets look like. Even public toilets tend to follow a similar design. For example, in the US quite often bathroom stalls are separated by high quality Hadrian partitions to ensure total privacy. But, in many other countries, they are not what you’re expecting. In some countries, the toilet design is so strange and weird that if you’re visiting that place for the first time you might just be surprised.


We have collected what toilets look like from around the world and some of them have left us with our jaws on the floor. Most people make toilets so that people can relieve themselves and feel relaxed but these toilets will make you ask yourself if you really need to use them.

1What luxury looks like

Take a second to look at this beautiful toilet. This is what class and luxury looks like and why wouldn’t it? This is a toilet seen only in Dubai. The country where everyone drives a sports car and has a wild cat as a pet is the only place people relieve themselves in style. Not to mention this is not just an ordinary toilet but it is a smart toilet.


Image Source: www.talescart.com

2Take aim. Fire!

We’re not sure whose faces those are but they look quite happy to be there. This is a toilet in Iceland where the urinals have pictures of people’s faces in them for your entertainment. We’re guessing you can aim and spray while you’re in there. This might be entertaining for some select people.


Image Source: www.sarcasm.co

3A fine China toilet

Yes, before you ask, those are Chinese plates all over the walls of that toilet. This makes the place stand out as well as give it a unique feel. This is an incredible toilet design and we’re just wondering how long it took to make this. We’re not sure where this is located but we would love to visit it.


Image Source: www.skyscanner.net

4A toilet cake

This is how you confuse people. This is a public restroom that looks like a cake. When looking at this from another angle, people who do not belong to the place might mistake it to be a cake shop or a shop in general. It is when you go inside that you will understand where you are.


Image Source: www.catdumb.com

5A cluster of toilets

This is what a group of toilets in Qatar look like. This is another look at how different countries have different ways of presenting their public toilets. This looks very neat and clean and civilized. We’re sure the authorities maintain a high level of cleanliness around here and this by just the looks of it might be one of the better-looking toilets we’ve seen.


Image Source: hostelbookers.com


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