Insane jogger shockingly pushes woman in front of bus in London

In what appears to be a shocking event that unfolded in London, CCTV camera captured footage of a man who appeared to be actually pushing a woman in front of a bus. In the video from a CCTV installation on Putney bridge southwest London, it clearly shows a jogger pushing a woman onto the road and risking her life.

Even more appalling was what happened after that. The jogger can be seen returning from the opposite direction just 15 minutes later. When the woman can be seen confronting him because of the action that almost caused her death, he just does not acknowledge her.


1 Investigation commenced by police after seeing the video

When the video surfaced, London police began an investigation to identify the culprit. A police spokesman Sergeant Matt Knowles said that the victim’s life was out into grievous danger after being knocked down onto the road on Putney Bridge, It was only because of the quick thinking and reflexes of the bus drives that she missed being hit by the vehicle.

Jogger on the road

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2 Police identify one suspect

One of the suspects arrested by the police was Eric Bellquist a financial executive working at Hutton Collins Partners. Bellquist was taken to South London Police for questioning in connection with the incident but was later released pending enquiry. Although the incident happened in May, the video itself was only released later this week. The man in the video dressed in light grey T-Shirt and blue shorts can be seen running into the 33-year-old woman and knocking her into the path of an oncoming bus. The bus then swerves to avoid hitting her but she did suffer minor injuries.

Eric Bellquist the man who pushed woman infront of the bus

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