Fill a sock with this surprising ingredient and clear your Foggy Windows

Winter is around the corner and even as it means snow, a beautiful landscape and the fact that it will soon be time for celebration, Winter brings with it Foggy windows, slippery sidewalks and cold. Of course there are many who love the cold of winter but what can be troublesome is the constant fogging of your car windows and you can’t seem to do a thing about it! Or can you?


Kitty litter clears foggy windows!! Have you ever thought about that?? Yes kitty litter filled in a sock is one solution to the problem.

1 Kitty litter actually clears foggy windows

Take a sock, fill it with kitty litter. Tie the end of it and leave it there resting on your dashboard. The next morning!!! NO more foggy windows!!Sounds strange?? Well it actually works as the video at the end of this article will show you.


Kitty litter as smelly as it may be possesses the property to absorb moisture from within spaces and that includes your car windows. Fogging of course is due to the different ranges of temperature in your car and outside. If you will notice the interior of your windshield may possess more moisture than the outside all because it is warmer inside the car.

Kitty litter in the socks

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2 Watch how it works

Foggy windows are a problem every winter and it can be troublesome cleaning it just when you have to rush to work. Why don’t you try using kitty litter to clear foggy windows instead? Watch the window to see how it works.


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