Incredible records that no one will dare to break in their lifetime

Most often, champions create records that are broken by the next champion. If something has happened in this world once, it sure can happen again. This is the general rule. But here are a few records that truly seem impeccable and unbeatable. No ordinary man can beat any of these incredible records and that is the reason why they stand out as unique and mentionable. Check them out!

1 Record of Hiccups

This is a record that definitely deserves to be in the list of incredible records. The chances of this record being broken ever are few unless similar circumstances repeat all over again. This is the story of Charles Osborne who lived a normal life till the age of 28. At 28, when he was picking a pig up for slaughtering, he fell down. At that point he felt that nothing happened to him but later he discovered from the doctor that a pin sized blood vessel collapsed. The result of this was uninterrupted hiccups nearly, 24,000 times a day. The problem persisted and could not be resolved. It stayed with him till the time he died.

Record of Hiccups

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