16 Incredible Facts That Will Tell You Your Body Is Full Of Weird Surprises

The human body is a marvel of creation. Even till today, science is discovering more and more new facts about the human body. How it responds to disease, metabolism, and its triggers of emotional distress. There are several facts about the human body that will astonish you. Although many were known long ago, we take our bodies for granted without realizing, it could be the world’s most amazing machine working in perfect order to ensure you live and breathe every day. There is nothing more unique than your own body because without it, you would never experience the world as it is nor will you experience the wonders of the world you marvel at. Here is a compilation of unique facts about your body that will surprise you.


1 The power of the acid in your body

Stomach acid is so powerful that even if you swallowed a razor blade and it went straight into your stomach, it would dissolve completely. But please don’t go trying to prove that. However, lead is most resistant to stomach acid.

The power of the acid in your body

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2You can live without a stomach

But where would the food go? Well according to science, you can live without 75% of your liver, live with kidney; go without 80% of your intestines, a spleen, one lung, and any organ in the location of the groin. Doesn’t seem like a very comfortable way to live but it is entirely possible.

You can live without a stomach

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3The strength of your epidermis and bones

Your epidermis or outer layer of skin regenerates every two to four weeks. In a year you will be shedding 700 grams of dead skin. As for your bones, they are so strong that even as an average person, you will be able to withstand 16,000 people standing on you. If they jump, its an entirely different matter.

The strength of your epidermis and bones

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4Your eye color

The color of your eyes changes as you age. This generally happens to almost 15% of Caucasian people. But, if your eyes color changes drastically, or if you find one eye changing from brown to green, rush to a doctor. Rapid changing of eye color can be a sign of some underlying disease like Fuch’s heterochromic iridocyclitis, pigmentary glaucoma or Horner’s syndrome.

Your eye color

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