10 Incredible Cases of Reincarnation Where People Provided Real Evidence of Their Past Lives

7A Six Year Old Claimed To Be the Reincarnation of a Nearby Family Man

Nazih Al Danaf of Lebanon shocked everyone in his family when he declared he was this big man who owned several weapons and ammo. He also said he lived in a nearby village…he was just one and a half year old when he said all that!

Nazih Al Danaf of Lebanon Reincarnation

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He convinced people he was indeed a reincarnation

After persisting, his parents finally took him to the village called qaberchamoun when he was six. Nazih easily located his pre-life home and his wife of past life Najdiya Khaddage who after a long conversation with the child was convinced about the fact he indeed was the reincarnation of her dead husband. He even remembered details such as who built the foundations of their house, an accident when his wife had dislocated her shoulder bone and even that his daughter once got ill by ingesting wrong medicines.


Well, wonders did not just stop there, when his wife invited him inside, he ran straight to the specific cupboard where he kept his weapons in his last life.

Nazih easily located his pre-life home

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8A Child’s Birth Marks Match a Bicyclist’s severe Injuries

Purnima Eknayake of Sri Lanka was born with birthmarks all across her ribs and chest. When she was old enough to start talking she started remembering bits and pieces of her past life which she shared with her family. It was after a fateful school trip to a temple nearly 145 miles away from her home; she recognized the actual village where she inhabited in her past life. She also remembered that she was actually a male incense maker who perished in a road accident.

Purnima Eknayake of Sri Lanka

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Her father investigated her story

In order to verify her story, her father along with her uncle visited that village called Kelaniya and made local inquiries about a deceased incense maker and found the name to be Jindasa, who was hit by a speeding bus and expired. Purnima was taken to Jindasa’s house where she recognized the widow and his daughter and also named the school Jindasa attended.

Her father investigated her story

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The family had never known each other

The mysterious part of the whole story is the fact that the Eknayake’s and Jindasa’a family didn’t even know about each other, so there was no possible way that Purnima could get such details, moreover, her birthmarks were actually the injuries Jindasa sustained after his accident according to the autopsy report.

Mysterious part of the whole story

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9A Retired Fire Chief Felt an Emotional Link to A Civil War General

Retired fire Chief Jeffrey Keene was on a vacation with his wife in Maryland when he visited a civil war battlefield called Sunken road. He had an extreme physical reaction to this spot as if he was experiencing a heart attack. Although the pain subsided, the spot left a permanent imprint in his mind. So much so that later on when a psychic asked him about his beliefs in reincarnation he had the instinctive urge to say out loud “not yet”.

His subconscious link to that civil war battle spot made him do some research in historical magazines, where he actually found an article about General Gordon who had fought in the sunken road during the battle of Antietam in which he repeatedly shouted the words “not yet.”

A Retired Fire Chief Felt an Emotional Link

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His birthmarks were his wounds in his previous life

Further research of General Gordon found more similarities with him such as his birthmarks were actually the wounds sustained by the general in the battle, in fact, the eeriest fact of his life was that Keene was admitted to a medical facility on his 30th birthday on account of extreme jaw pain, general Gordon was shot on his face when he was 30! Creepy!

Birthmarks were his wounds

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10An Elderly Man Shocked Archaeologists with His Knowledge of an Ancient City

For many, a year’s Arthur Flowerdew was always haunted by visions of a city surrounded by deserts and a city with a temple carved into a cliff but he could never understand the meaning of, these recurring dreams until he saw the place on TV. It was the city of Petra in Jordan.

An Elderly Man Shocked Archaeologists

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Even BBC reported the story

Arthur was thrilled enough to share his story which spread like wildfire and finally caught the attention of BBC reporters who asked him to share his story on T.V. he was flown to the Petra city along with many archaeologists. Once there, he walked around the city as if he knew it by heart. He pointed out to all the landmarks including the ones which were yet to be unearthed! He also explained the usages of many ancient instruments which were baffling the scientists otherwise. He also found out the guard station where he was attacked and succumbed to injuries from a spear

Experts believe the Arthur could not possibly fake such in-depth knowledge about the city, and he maintained he never visited this place physically before and saw it for the first time on TV.

Petra city

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