12 Incidents when students overwhelmed teachers with touching gestures of appreciation


So what did you really do for your teacher? did you ever appreciate the fact that these people have toiled hard to shape the most formative years of your life or did you show what a rebel you are and badmouthed your teacher just because you felt like it? Here are 12 incidents where overwhelmed teachers share their positive experiences and felt good when students appreciated them.

1 When students offer their solidarity

One teacher related how she had taken an extra week off after New Years to bury his father who had just expired. After the tragic incident when he was back in his class room a student surprised him with a heartwarming “Sir, I’m sorry about your Dad.”

The teacher spotted the boy again across the hall and realized that the student was in his period 3 class and not period 2. The boy could have waited but he made it a point to offer his condolences. The teacher thanked and reminded him of the incident once more o the boy’s graduation day.

 When students offer their solidarity

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