12 Incidents when students overwhelmed teachers with touching gestures of appreciation

So what did you really do for your teacher? did you ever appreciate the fact that these people have toiled hard to shape the most formative years of your life or did you show what a rebel you are and badmouthed your teacher just because you felt like it? Here are 12 incidents where overwhelmed teachers share their positive experiences and felt good when students appreciated them.


1 When students offer their solidarity

One teacher related how she had taken an extra week off after New Years to bury his father who had just expired. After the tragic incident when he was back in his class room a student surprised him with a heartwarming “Sir, I’m sorry about your Dad.”

The teacher spotted the boy again across the hall and realized that the student was in his period 3 class and not period 2. The boy could have waited but he made it a point to offer his condolences. The teacher thanked and reminded him of the incident once more o the boy’s graduation day.

 When students offer their solidarity

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2 The sweet heart

When this teacher was in the middle of her math lesson in fourth grade, she got a papercut while turning the page. Instinctively she cried ‘ouch’ and spent a few moments looking at her finger. When she looked up, there was this little guy standing beside her with a band aid. ‘That was so darn sweet’ she thought to herself.

Teacher with student

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3 Considerate students

This teacher says she feels good when she sees any student go out of their way to pick up trash which isn’t theirs or stack chairs “simply because they want to not to get praise.’

Considerate students

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4 Honest conversation

Here’s what this high school teacher had to say about students ‘For me it’s as simple as a student having an honest conversation with me”. What she says is true because most high school kids hardly give adults a second look let alone make eye contact when saying ‘Hi’ she says ‘It’s nice when a student will stop by your office just to talk or to ask advice on something.

Honest conversation

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5 Every kid has a heart

This teacher had an autistic child in her class. Every day at lunch it became a traditional ritual where the teacher would pretend to grab one of his cookies from his lunch box and he would grab them. When she would ask him for one he would say no and smile!!


On the day of Teacher Appreciation Week, the boy panicked when he realized he had forgotten to bring the teacher something. “I kept reassuring him that it was ok, but he continued deeper into a “meltdown.” He ran to his lunchbox and pulled out a cookie and gave it to me. I wish I could have kept that cookie forever”.

Every kid has a heart

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6 Friendly students

This college instructor says it’s always a nice thing when students show a genuine interest and acknowledge teachers like human beings. One of his students somehow walked in the same direction as him after class. Both Teacher and student chatted along the way about class matters. “It wasn’t anything huge or remarkable, but it always brightens my day when my students are friendly and comfortable talking to me outside of class”

Friendly students

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7 I love my teacher

Now this definitely is a most beautiful reason for overwhelmed teachers. Listen to what this teacher had to say” I work at a learning centre. A kid came up to me the one day, hugged me, told they loved me, and gave me a necklace with those little plastic letter beads on it spelt out my name” To this day she still keeps the necklace.

I love my teacher

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8 Truly overwhelmed teacher

How can any teacher not be overwhelmed when they hear this sentence from a student ‘“Yours is the only class I’ve ever wanted to wake up early for.”

student offering apple to teacher

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9 Fun teacher

A fourth grader once came up to this teacher and told her innocently, “Miss, I used to think science was boring worksheets, but you make it fun. “Now this teacher was a science nerd and that was the most heartwarming thing she had heard in the entire week.

Fun teacher

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10 Gift for teacher

This teacher relates how quite a number of students had shown their appreciation by shaking her hand at the end of a course. One of the students also gave her a gift all because she allowed him to reschedule his exam. Now that was a very sweet gesture uncommon in schools today.

Gift for teacher

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11 Simple gestures mean a lot

This substitute teacher says the one thing she appreciates most in kids is when they perform their classroom duties and help her with attendance. That means a lot to her.

Simple gestures mean a lot

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12 When students can be touching

Kind and appreciative actions by students do overwhelm teachers a lot but nothing was as kind as this gesture done by these students. The leader of this group relates how his teacher’s mother had died recently form cancer. However the teacher was expected back on the following week because it was an AP class and she always would help them in every way possible. Said the boy “We all know how hard this has been for her and so my class of 19 pooled together some money to buy her flowers and we made a poster with all of our condolences”. Hopefully when this teacher gets back she will be touched by the gesture.

when students can be touching

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