The Important reason why you must never reveal sensitive information in front of your Samsung Smart TV

In an amazing revelation, Samsung has just confirmed that their smart televisions are eavesdropping and listen to every word spoken by viewers. Yes!! Samsung Smart TVs are listening to you. If you thought this was a joke then refer to the company’s privacy policy of its smart TV where it warns consumers not to speak or discuss any personal information in front of smart televisions where the voice activation feature has been turned on.

When the voice feature is active, the TV sets actually listen to the words and could share the same as data to Samsung and third parties. The warning applies to all those who use their voice activation software.


1 Samsung has admitted the warning as part of its privacy policy

The warning that Samsung TV sets are listening to people was all over the internet recently after one user shared the privacy policy which warns users not to speak about personal and sensitive information when the voice recognition is on as it could be captured as data and shared with third parties.

In response to the circulation of its privacy policy, Samsung said that the voice recognition software was activated using the TV’s remote control. It also claimed that the policy was an effort on the part of the company to be transparent with users and help them make the correct choices while operating their Smart TV sets.

Samsugn Voice Recognition Smart TV

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