15 Incredible Images That Shows How Different Japan Is From Other Countries

Japan is a land of wonder and marvel. It is a nation full of culture and lights. A nation just oozing tradition and beauty. There are many things that make Japan stand out from the rest of the countries in the world and today we’re going to discuss a few.


Some of the aspects of Japan that makes it is so well known around the world are the people’s politeness, precision, and dedication. This is rarely seen anywhere around the world. From its Anime to sumo wrestling, cherry blossom trees, and bullet trains, Japan has influenced and stunned the world with its many beauties.

1Expectation and reality

Yes, one of the best parts about Japan is that what you see in the advertisement is exactly what you get with the product. There is no false advertising in Japan and that is the best part of the nation. Unlike all the other countries in the world where the image on the poster is miles above the product we get and have to pay for.

Expectation and reality

Image Source: baomoi.com

2That is how smooth the bullet train is

The bullet train or The Shinkansen is one of the best marvels of our technological world. The network it spans is around 2,764.6 km and it can reach speeds of 240–320 km/h. The train had the highest annual passenger ridership with an amazing 353 million passengers in the year 2007. The image here shows exactly how steady and calm the ride is.

That is how smooth the bullet train is

Image source: 9gag.com

3The public to the rescue

This is the best image to restore your faith in humanity as this shows just how kind and caring the people of Japan really are. This image was taken when the commuters of Tokyo pushed a train car to help a woman get out as she fell in-between the gap of the car and the platform. The people were able to push the train car enough to get the lady out safely.

The public to the rescue

Image Source: sabay.com

4Real discipline

Japan is known for its discipline and this image just shows how much people actually respect it. In any other country this image would’ve been people walking on both sides of the railing but in Japan people actually, only use the side of the stairs that are meant to go in a certain direction. They will not break this rule.

Real discipline

Image Source: break410.com

5This is how you park

Do you notice anything about this image? Look at the front of all the cars, everyone parks in reverse so as not to inconvenience anyone while they’re getting out. This is what a nation of people who care actually looks like. This is how every country should look or something every country should adopt.

This is how you park

Image Source: twimg.com


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