If This image just Freaked you out, you might be suffering from this phobia according to Scientists


Among all the weird phobias known to man, this is one phobia that can really make your hairs stand. You must have surely seen images both false and true of dramatic diseases that make your hands or palms full of holes. Many of them turned out a hoax no doubt but there is no denying the fact that the image gave you the creeps.

Surprisingly though not everyone will feel the same and there are certain people, me for one who experiences a very weird feeling when seeing the type of image below. It’s the fear of seeing holes and imagining if it suddenly appeared on your skin. The fear of irregular holes is actually called tryptophobia.


1 You are not alone. 16% of people suffer from tryptophobia

You are definitely not alone. Several people suffer from the same phobia. There is no problem seeing a hole in the ground on water or anywhere at home but the eerie feeling of such type of holes on your body is as weird as it can get.

According to science, phobias evolved out of man natural reaction to avoid danger. However, for various groups of people, the perception of danger is undoubtedly different which is why it is not a generalized fear but a selective one, hence a phobia.


people suffer from tryptophobia

Image Source: www.ask.fm

2 People suffer from countless weird phobias

There are some people who fear spiders, some snakes, some vehicles and some even venturing near water. There are countless phobias and to name them would run into pages. But what is odd is the fact that holes of images such as these cause a sensation of fear in people although they aren’t a disease or a living threat. In many internet images, the so called insect causing disease were photoshopped images of lotus plants, yet they creeped us out.

Those with an even more pronounced symptoms can go to the extent of experiencing dizziness, cold sweat, nausea and a preoccupation with the object.

weird phobias

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