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The military of any country is the pride of that country. Men and women voluntarily enroll themselves in order to put their life on line for the sole purpose of keeping their country and the citizens of their country safe at all times.

But as it is with combat and wars, most of the military veterans who return from the duty overseas, return with sets of mental problems with them and the biggest of the them is the Post Traumatic Stress Disorder(PTSD).

But Wal-Mart has started a very good initiative in order to support the veterans and to make people more aware of the cons of PTSD. Here is more about the #GreenLightAVet initiative.

1 The Military Vets

Military veterans or Vets for short is a colloquial term for current and former officers who are/were part of the armed forces of their countries. Military Vets are seen as a matter of pride for the country and are generally treated with utmost respect and care by the citizens.


They often get special treatments in their countries due to their service to the nation and also for the sacrifices they have made for the sake of the country. Different countries have different programs for them; some welcoming them with open arms and some ignoring them altogether.

But most of the veterans in USA, an estimate of 19.3 million vets as in 2014 are struggling to get back to normal life and suffer from injuries and even PTSD.

The Military Vets

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