If You Have Had Any Of These Dreams You Need To Listen To These Experts

Dreams have always been a mystery to humans. Why do we have them? How do they work? How does a dream scenario get triggered? Throughout time, as we have progressed with medical equipment, we have found answers to these questions.


We all found out that there are certain dream scenarios that we all have experienced and have seen and experts were able to find a root cause or emotions for them. Today, we have gathered a few common dream scenarios that a majority of people have had. With the help of experts, we will explain why you have them and what they could mean.

1Being sick, dying or getting injured

Some people have had a dream where they or someone close to them is wounded or injured or even sick and close to dying. This results in the dreamer waking up with a shock and breathing heavy and a feeling of dread sets in. The best interpretation of this dream is our human, natural fear of the unknown future and inevitable change.

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2Teeth falling out

A dream scenario many people have reported having is the one where they cannot speak properly or see themselves losing their teeth. Experts have explained that our subconscious takes our teeth to be a weapon or an indicator of strength. If recently, in the real world you were ever in a situation you felt helpless or unarmed, you may have this dream. Another expert said this dream could be the release of hidden anger as we clench our jaw when angry.

Image Source: www.dreamdictionary.org

3Falling down

One of the most common dreams even you may have had or know someone who has had it is, falling down. Many experts have said this dream symbolizes the fear of losing control of your life. This dream is usually seen after a drastic change happens in the dreamer’s real life. This change is brought into our dream world in the form of us falling without any control.

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4Another explanation

Another explanation by experts is that this dream is related to simple physiology. As we are falling asleep our nervous system is starting to calm down. Along with this, even our blood pressure lowers and heartbeat decreases. When this happens, our brain which is also in a state of calming down can interpret our blood pressure and heartbeat lowering as a sign of danger. This results in a sudden feeling of falling down.

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5Failing at an exam

A dream that many school students, as well as college students, have reported having is a scenario of them in an exam hall or public speaking event and not knowing what to do. This dream has usually been reported before or after a stressful exam. This is our mind’s way of showing us our fear of failing the exam. This is just our stress and real-life fear showing up in our dreams and the best advice is to take a small break before going to sleep after a stressful study session.

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