The mother delivered identical twins, but 12 years later she found one acting strangely on the bathroom floor

When you’re blessed with twin babies, your foremost reaction will be tears in your eyes thanking god for his wonderful gift. Unless of course you already have a set of twin and this is the second one in which case you may go crazy and end up boners in the delivery room.

Well!! For Peggy and Jeff Kehoe, it was a dream comes true when this mom delivered identical twins. The couple became proud parents of two beautiful twin girls Hailey and Jenna. Both twins were identical all blonde and blue eyed and it seemed like that was a picture perfect moment for the couple and their bonny babies. It was a wonderful life for the family until one unfortunate day.

1 A cruel turn of events

Both Peggy and Jeff were proud of their twin daughters who shared an inseparable bond with each other. Both girls grew up to be healthy and beautiful until on eventful day on Feb. 9th 2013 when Peggy’s life was turned upside down. At the time the girls were 12 years old.

She was shocked out of her wits to see Hailey lying on the bathroom floor. The girl had her eyes closed and her words slurred, her actions and movement were epileptic and disabled. Peggy was horrified, what was happening to her daughter.

Hailey in hospital

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