I Passed Cisco 300-135 Exam on My First Try!

One of the most anxious moments for any candidate or specialist, including me, is taking a certification exam. This is one moment that you would just like come and go pretty fast. The tests are an important aspect of every professional’s journey to building a great career. This means that they are such a necessary task. If you’re into IT, then you have to be ready for more challenging exam points. Of course, I do not say this to scare you. The IT tests are not easy and require a lot of commitment to prepare and pass. This is what I discovered when I was preparing for the Cisco 300-135 TSHOOT exam a month ago. This is one of the three tests that you must pass to attain the CCNP Routing and Switching certification. If you’re planning to take it, you’re going to benefit greatly from what I’m about to share. I’m going to talk about my experience, including how I prepared for this exam and the type of study materials that I used. Let me also take you through important details of 300-135 TSHOOT so that you can have an idea of what it entails. If you are in need of help with your it exams then visiting sites like ExamTopics may help you prep for your upcoming exams.


1Cisco 300-135 Exam Retirement Updates

Cisco has made public their plan to retire most of their exams and certifications by February 2020. This specific test will retire on February 23, 2020. This means that after this, the candidates will be required to take a new exam version from February 24, 2020. But what happens to those individuals who are already preparing for this test? There’s no cause to worry since they still have some time to take it and earn their certificate. These students are going to automatically obtain credits for what they’ll have already attained by the time the exam is retired.


2Cisco 300-135 Exam Details

The TSHOOT exam generally has 15-25 questions. I remember the one I took had 20 questions, and we had been allocated 120 minutes. I came across varied types of questions that included multiple-choice, fill-in-the-blank, teslet, simulation questions, and drag and drop. The Cisco 300-135 certification test is usually available in English and Japanese. I personally took the English version. I had to first register with Pearson VUE before taking this exam.

3Cisco 300-135 Exam Objectives


The Cisco 300-135 TSHOOT exam evaluates your understanding and skills in carrying out the following tasks:

  • Planning and performing regular maintenance of advanced business routed and switched networks.
  • Carrying out network troubleshooting using practices that are technology-based and an approach that’s systematic and ITIL compliant.

4My Cisco 300-135 Exam Results

I took my test a few days ago and obtained 826 points. I was elated! I received the results on my screen a few minutes after submitting my answers. The other details I got were on how I had performed in each section and the passing score for that specific exam. Remember that Cisco doesn’t usually publish passing scores for their exams since they keep changing. You only learn about it once you complete your test.


Attaining 826 points was a surprise to me since I found the exam hard. In fact, I had to rush through some questions due to shortage of time. I was unable to verify some of my answers, and I thought this was wrong. I’m thinking that this may have been caused by how I used my time while answering some of the questions. It took too long in some questions. I wasn’t actually expecting to attain success. Passing it was such a relief to me. I attribute this good performance to how I had prepared for it.

5My Cisco 300-135 Exam Preparation Resources

There are a number of things that determine whether you’ll pass your exam. They include the materials you use, the amount of time you allocate your studies, and how you study. The first thing I did before starting my revision was to know the details of the exam I was about to take. I went to the Cisco official website to search for the topics. I downloaded the PDF version and read the topics in detail. The next step was to find out the exam policies and regulations. From there, it was time to register for my test. Having taken care of all this, it was now time to focus on the major part of my exam prep. I had to begin to look for the right study resources. What resources did I use to prepare and pass my 300-135 TSHOOT? I have listed them below:


Troubleshooting and Maintaining IP Networks Classroom Training

I knew I had to pass my Cisco exam by all means. I enrolled in the training because I never wanted to leave anything to chance. I chose Exam-Labsas my preferred course provider. Their experienced trainer took me through in-depth coverage of all the required topics. It was a bit difficult at the beginning, but as we delved deeper, I was able to grasp the concepts.


Cisco Modelling Labs

Theory isn’t enough to pass exams. I decided to make use of Cisco Modelling Labs to give me the much needed hands-on experience, which I couldn’t get from theory. This advanced technology helped me understand how to design, simulate, and test network models. I couldn’t have asked for a better exam prep approach than this!

PrepAway Cisco 300-135 Practice Test

A friend of mine who had already passed his exam recommended past questions from Cisco Certification CCNA 200-301. He shared his experience with these practice tests, and I never thought twice about getting them. I downloaded them the moment I found them online. As I proceeded with my training, I used these PrepAway Cisco 300-135 practice tests to check my progress. I also used them towards the end of my prep since I wanted to make sure that I had mastered all the topics. What’s more, I could use them as many times as I wanted.


Cisco 300-135 Study Guide

I knew I had made the right decision to use a study guide. I got a reliable kindle version from Amazon, which helped me get more insight into the exam topics. The other interesting aspect of this study manual is how you get a summary of what you’ve covered after each topic. I also benefited from the review questions and real-world case studies included in the tutorial.

6Final Thoughts

Performing well in any exam is possible. It only requires that you set aside enough time and commit yourself to the preparation process. With the right trainer and proper revision materials, this process becomes something that you’re going to look back to. Do you want to pass your certification test at the first attempt? Follow the tips that I have shared through my experience and you won’t regret!


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