I entered a restaurant that kicks you out when you talk! Unbelievable!

Who has ever heard of the insane restaurant who has staff members wear a condom on their head in serving their customers in Thailand? How about the restaurant that makes you have a try of food in a prison in China? Or eating food off a toilet bowl in Taiwan?


We have heard of extraordinary restaurants that have unusual themes to the point that we may even call it weird. Extraordinary people came up with such ideas in order to hike up attraction in their restaurants. But, of course, a restaurant must come with good or unusual food as well like probably eating sushi from a naked woman? Good dining isn’t only about the food but the experience as well. You may experience eating from a height of a couple thousand feet above ground but other than that the experience you get from a good dining experience is the experience provided to you by a good wait staff.

toilet bowl

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Restaurants have ways to attract its people with themes that are mind-blowing and probably extremely weird. But these three restaurants we have don’t feature extreme or wild themes but extraordinary people who serve and cater to the needs of their hungry customers. These following restaurants are known to the world as restaurants who not only serve good food but also gives the world a strong statement of equality and chance to all types of people— even extraordinary people like these.

1 D’ Hobbit House Boracay Restaurant

You might have wished that Bilbo Baggins or Frodo Baggins would be living here. Expect something somewhat similar though. D’Hobbit House in Boracay and Manila Philippines have a wait staff entirely composed of dwarves. Right! No wait staff is taller than four feet.


The unusual waiters and waitresses of the restaurant are gracious entertainers who waltz around the restaurant serving their happy customers with really good food. Though the entire staff of D’Hobbit House Restaurant is filled with a wait staff that almost stands as high as the typical counter, the food they serve is nowhere close to that small. Your staff may be filled with happy-go-lucky unusual waiters and waitresses but they give you more than enough reason to come back and pig out with their big food servings.

 D’ Hobbit House Boracay Restaurant

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D’Hobbit House originally opened in the Philippines’ Capital City, Manila but it brought its color to the famous vacation spot, Boracay. The thrilling restaurant experience is heightened not only with the presence of unusual waiters and waitresses, chefs and managerial staff but a complete set of entertainers, all of whom are midgets. This is a restaurant worth a visit with good food get away and extraordinary people serving you with it.

2 Signs Restaurant and Bar

Communication is difficult when you cannot hear what the other person is telling you. But what more if you, yourself, are surrounded with people that can easily say whatever they want without trouble and you’re stuck there just giving out a sigh or simple and gestures or even drawings to express your thoughts. Deaf and mute have exactly this daily sort of problem.


Toronto’s Signs Restaurant and Bar has an entirely different kind of wait staff. The restaurant’s unusual waiters and waitresses all cannot speak and— in this restaurant— you can’t either. The walls are paneled with sign languages that would help you communicate with the wait staff and even your co-diners. You’re not allowed to speak in this restaurant. This restaurant is not only filled with thrilling yet unusual waiters and waitresses but filled with an entirely different dining experience.

Toronto’s Signs Restaurant and Bar

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The walls, the tables and the menus all come with sign language gestures that would make you realize just how difficult it is to not be able to hear, speak or both. But with this life-changing dining experience with these extraordinary people, it isn’t hard to understand just how great a feat to learn such a different way of communicating with other people.

Enjoy the experience with these patient staff members who will guide you all the way throughout your dining experience. Accompanied with great gourmet food, you will go out of the restaurant with an entirely different outlook in life and view of how these people live.

Toronto’s Signs Restaurant and Bar

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Eating in the dark is a growing trend all over the world. O.Noir began its roots in Canada but is now trending in different continents with its theme ‘Dine in the Dark’ and ‘It’s better in the dark’. You get to enter the restaurant with blacked out glasses and be led to your table. With your visuals completely sealed off, you get to enjoy dinner in the dark with a wait staff that has been used to such darkness for as long as they can remember. Why is that? The unusual wait staff in this restaurant are all blind.


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O.Noir hired exclusively blind people to be part of their wait staff. With a group of people used to the dark, it won’t be difficult for them to cater the needs of their diners with care and absolute confidence.

O.Noir is a restaurant that serves an array of delightful tastes. With your eyes unseeing, the rest of your senses are heightened including your taste buds. Be assured that your food is better tasting than before because your taste for food has grown because the rest of your body compensates for what is to be considered the greatest sense of all— seeing. Unfortunately, you don’t get the opportunity to see the fabulous cutlery from www.nellaonline.com that you eat with. However, in this restaurant, your food won’t have the need to extend your visual appreciation for food plating but rather a better appreciation for really really good food and dining.

Dine in the Dark

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Some parts of the restaurant are dimly lit, that is the wall painted with a Braille guide. Other than that, you’re on your own. Have a delightful experience with this unusual waiters and waitresses as you enjoy your meal in the dark.


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