Ten incredible works of hyperrealist art by Famous Artists that will amaze you

You cannot be an artist without being passionate about art. An artist does not see the surface but rather envisions his canvas in his mind. It is easy to learn the technical aspects of art but unless you don’t master the art of art you can never succeed. Take a look at these incredible artworks from remarkable out of the ordinary hyperrealist art that will leave you spellbound with their life like features.


1 Diego Fazio Charcoal Painting

Diego Fazio is just 27 but this Italian self taught artist is making waves in the art world for his lifelike images in charcoal like this one below.

Diego Fazio Charcoal Painting

Image Source: www.deviantart.net


2 Omar Otiz

Mexican painter Omar Otiz has an uncanny sense of depicting such lifelike curves in his artwork even as his hands brush from one side of his large canvases to the other.

Omar Otiz

Image Source: www.stillgalaxy.com


3 Gregory Theilker

Gregory Theilker from New Jersey is an accomplished artist with a degree in art history. His forte is creating hyperrealistic artworks from observation and memory and is well known for his series of paintings on rain.

Gregory Theilker painting

Image Source: www.ggpht.com


4 Ruth Tyson

With no formal art training, Ruth Tyson from Arkansas creates spectacular art like this portrait using just graphite and aquarel pencils.

Ruth Tyson painting

Image Source: www.deviantart.net


5 Roberto Bernadi

Roberto Bernadi is an established Italian painter born in Todi Italy. Painting from a very young age, Bernadi is represented by art galleries in New York and is known for his awesome hyperrealist art and real life depictions of oil on canvas.

Roberto Bernadi painting

Image Source: www.dailymail.co.uk


6 Robin Eley

London Born hyperrealist artist Robin Eley lives in Australia and is known for his realistic portrayal of models wrapped in plastic.

Robin Eley

Image Source: www.boredpanda.com


7 Vincent Fantauzzo

Award winning Melbourne based painter Vincent Fantauzzo is well known for his brilliant life like portraits of celebrities, what caught the eye of the art world is his painting of Heath Ledger painted a week before his death.

Vincent Fantauzzo painting

Image Source: www.yandex.ru


8 Kamalky Laureano

Kamalky Laureano is a hyperrealist painter from the Dominican Republic living in New Mexico. Laureano excels in painting realistic portraits in simple acrylic believing that his painting reflects the beauty of life.

Kamalky Laureano painting

Image Source: www.wordpress.com

9 Matthew Cornell

Matthew Cornell 52 loves painting scenes of nature in a manner of portrayal that he sees best influenced by his many car trips across the United States.

Matthew Cornell painting

Image Source: www.akamaihd.net

10 Bryan Drury

Bryan Drury studied at the Amercian Academy of Arts in 2007 and has won several awards for his hyperrealist art till date. At 36, he is one of the emerging names in hyperrealist art portraits known especially for his attention to fine detail.

Bryan Drury painting

Image Source: www.deanproject.com


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