Heartbroken husband reveals a painful truth after collecting money for wife’s treatment

Every person on this Earth yearns to have a perfect family. The family, that gives him the basic support during the dark days and enjoy the happiness along with that person. When someone welcomes a new person in the family, it is a joyous occasion and people would do anything for their family. One such man is Ed Cusick, who went to lengths in order to buy her ailing wife some more time so that she could fulfill her dream. But the story ends in heartbreak, read on to find out.


1 The husband and the back-story

Ed Cusick, who is a musician, was estatic to know that he was going to become a dad. His wife Nina, who was a web designer was elated to know that they were about to become parents. However, they joy was short-lived as Nina started experiencing severe pain in her shoulders and stomach. Though she attributed the pain to pregnancy, it was later diagnosed that Nina was suffering from bowel cancer. Doctors operated upon her, so that their son was born 6 week premature and Nina could begin her treatments. She was diagnosed with cancer in last year February and by that time; it has spread to her bones and liver. She and Ed were hoping to take part in new clinical trials in 2017 that might give them hope of a cure.

The husband and the back-story

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2 The drug and trials

The clinical trials were to begin in 2017, but before that, doctors told her to take life extending drug regorafenib. However, this drug was not covered by the NHS as it cost NHS 1,000 pounds per week to make it available to every user and they decided to remove it from their list. Ed started a massive fundraising campaign to collect the money to keep Nina alive until Christmas, so that she could their son Teddy open his first Christmas presents. This was the goal of fundraiser, as Nina felt that even if she was not accepted by the trials, her dream of seeing her son enjoying Christmas will be fulfilled, as the drug will enable her to live long enough to do so. In what turned out to be a massively successful fundraising campaign, Ed managed to collect 100,000 pounds in order to pay for the drugs and other treatment and dream of Nina seeing her son opening Christmas presents was still alive.

The drug and trials

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However, life was about to take a drastic turn for the worse.


3 The painful truth and the reveal

Ed Cusick posted a heartbreaking post

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However on the morning of 20th December, Ed Cusick posted a heartbreaking post on his Facebook page, announcing that despite the best wishes of all people and efforts from doctors, Nina had passed away before her dream was realized. Nina developed infection and was rushed to hospital. Doctors gave her antibiotics, which unfortunately didn’t help in curing the infections and once they were stopped, Nina passed away in arms of Ed. The whole post and the story of Nina and Ed and Nina’s dream of seeing her son opening Christmas presents has gone viral quickly and condolences have poured in for Ed from all over the country.

Ed Cusick posted a heartbreaking post

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